Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Preview

Tonight ‘The Challenge’  America’s fifth major sport returns to the airwaves and I couldn’t be more excited. One of the reasons is the theme for this season is ‘bloodlines’ which means each competitor will be paired with someone in their family. Here’s the preview


I think i need a cigarette , this season looks to have it all and with the added familial effect on the players will only be adding fuel to the fire. Now lets take a look at the contestants and make some predictions.


Aneesa & Rianna

The wily veteran Aneesa who will be joined by her cousin has been in many challenges and has gotten close a few times but never won. For those who do not keep up with the show she is a very proud person and not one to back down which has gotten her in trouble before  but now she has some back up. If her cousin possesses the same kind of moxy I could see them making some noise later in the game but not winning.


Johnny Bananas & Vince

Now onto the greatest champion the game has ever seen, Johnny Bananas a living legend if you will. Bananas is on the Mount Rushmore of Challenge even though he struggled to make it to the final last go round in Battle of the Exes. But I will put most of that on his partner Nany slowing him down. Or maybe age has finally caught up with him like another great Kobe Bryant. The guy has laid down the blueprint for future players to flow and succeed.  But now he’s paired up with his look a like cousin and if there is one thing that scares other contestants even more than one banana is two bananas. I can see him coming with a chip on his shoulder this time around just to prove he still has what it takes. They are a serious contender for the title.


Camilla &  Larissa

Next are Camilla and her sister Larissa, basically a pair of Brazilian firecrackers. Small, loud , and hot they are sure to get attention in the house good and bad. Camilla has proven she is very fiery so maybe her sis has a little of that in the tank which could make them a troublesome duo. But Larissa looks so short that may make it harder for her in the challenges. It will be interesting to see if they can harness that energy they have and put it in the game and not just arguing. I could see them surprising some folks.


Cara & Jaime

Everyone’s favorite horse obsessed , artist is back for more along with her cousin Jaime. Some people really don’t like Cara, but not me I think she’s the shit. Cara has showed more grit , determination during these than many other people including all the despicable quitters (TJ hates you too). Looking at the lineup of girls in the house I could see Cara as one of the favorites.


Christina & Emily

Here are sisters Christina and Emily a couple of rookies who will be making their debut on the Challenge. Christina was supposedly a heart breaker on “Are you the one?” but I wouldn’t know because I have not seen it. But they look party chicks with the long belly button piercings and something is telling me they will not be around long enough to care.


Cohutta & Jill

Here we have good ol’ boy Cohutta and his cousin Jill. Challenge fans havent seen him in awhile but now he’s back looking a lil diesel which will help on and off the field. Jill looks pretty well put together herself to go along with Cohutta’s gift of gab and being well liked I could see them as another serious contender for the crown. I just learned that Jill postponed her wedding so she could be on this show. Good to see her having her priorities straight, and thats just more fuel to the fire for better or worse.


Cory & Mitch

Cory and Mitch, Mitch and Cory everyone. The last time I remember Cory was on Real World when he was fighting , and had a pregnancy scare. He is a little hot headed and free wheeling so I can that getting them in trouble potentially leading to an early exit.


Dario & Raphy

Twin brothers Dario and Raphy are another pair of rookies from ‘AYTO’ so again I really don’t have much to add other than the game isn’t kind to rookies and that goes double for people from a different show. Get it..double because they are twins. A little bit of twin humor.


Jenna & Brianna

A couple of Jersey girls getting added to the mix. We last saw Jenna on Battle of the exes 2 as she dodged eliminations with the help of Zach. But now Zach isn’t here to shield her so she will have to fend for herself which is a problem. I don’t see them making it far at all.


Kellyanne & Anthony

Now we’re talking, Kellyanne makes her triumphant return to the Challenge alongside her cousin Anthony. She promises to be one of the most lively competitors no matter the setting.  So if Anthony can handle her a little bit I can see this duo being one of the more entertaining ones on the show. They are semi serious contenders in my eyes.


LeRoy & Candice

Fan favorite LeRoy is back with his cousin Candice looking to avenge his second place finish on Battle of the Exes. LeRoy can tend to be very hard on his partners so this will be on Candice to see if she can respond and keep up with Lee (its what his friends call him, sup Lee!) or break down and g0 home early. Any team with LeRoy is a very serious contender because the guy is an absolute savage when it comes to eliminations/challenges. Plus he learned to swim by watching clips on YouTube , this guy has it all.


Nicole & Nany

Drama queen comes back to the Challenge with her equally as pretty cousin Nicole. Nany can make some serious noise in the game but its outside of the game that worries me. With lots of her exes on this season it just provides more distractions and earth shaking fights. If her cousin is anywhere near like her watch out, because these two will be like a tornado of honey badgers wrecking dicks and bringing havoc throughout the house.


Thomas & Stephen

The last pair of twins in the house brings us Thomas and Stephen. Thomas had a rough go round last season having been eliminated early from the game. So now he looks to bounce back with his best bro. These lady slayers are my wild card because they can sneak under the radar not rocking the boat and make it to the end.


Tony and Shane

Last but not least there are brothers Tony and Shane. Last time we saw Tony he was trying to juggle 3 girlfriends and it blew up in his face in spectacular fashion

Look at that face! Hilarious stuff. So it will be up to his brother to keep Tony in check while his lady is back home and not have it blow up in his face and ruin their chances to get the title. I don’t see that happening so they are not in serious contention to me.