Rory McIIlroy

Rory McIIroy rumored to be engaged to his American Girlfriend

(DailyMail) Rory McIlroy is reportedly engaged after popping the question in the city of love, just more than a year after breaking up with his then-fiancee Caroline Wozniacki.

Sources close to the former World No1 golfer say he proposed to his American girlfriend of nearly a year Erica Stoll in Paris.

The couple are in the French capital and McIlroy, 26, posted a picture of the Eiffel Tower, on his social media pages, where reports have suggested the surprise proposal took place.

Rory mate, what are you doing?! You just broke it off with Caroline after sending out invitations to your wedding barely a year ago and now you go and do this..say aint so Rory say it aint so. How about dating her for awhile and get to know her instead of jumping into things then take a little bit of more time when you are sure just to be really positive. The downside is too much (RIP Tiger) for you to risk it.




Oh she’s fit mate, great pull but just pull out of the fast lane for a bit and reevaluate things is all i’m saying. But then maybe again Rory is a little superstitious being Irish and all , so he’s probably doing this to get his mojo back after being cursed or something. I dunno just throwing it out there.


Caroline Woz, Rory’s ex

PS.  Do they look like alike or is it just me? Rory has a type everyone, thats even more of reason to slow things down and try more flavors.