5 Reasons Garlic Knots are the Worst

When you are deciding what to eat and you finally decide on Italian or pizza you always have the option of Garlic Knots. They always sound like a great compliment to your meal with their flaky , buttery, herb sprinkled crust. But then you eat one and you instantly regret it, and here are the five reasons why they are the worst.

  1. A lot of the times they are rolled too thick and essentially become rolls instead of knots. Then you are left just sitting there chewing instead of taking a couple bites and being finished.
  2. If you do manage to get some bite sized ones , you will notice your fingers will be coated with a mixture of oil, butter , and garlic. Good luck washing it off because you feel like a film is on your fingers long after you wash your hands.
  3. A lot of the times they are soaked like the ones pictured and when they are it will soak through any bag you have them in and good luck trying to get the stain out if it gets on your clothes.
  4. The garlic breath you will undoubtedly get from eating them. Garlic Breath is gross and if you eat enough garlic knots no amount of brushing , mouth wash will get rid of the smell because it will literally be coming out of your skin .
  5. The Law of Diminishing Returns which is at some point more is not necessarily better, more is just more. It’s when you take a bite and it’s really enjoyable,you are truly savoring it and then the following bites don’t pack as much flavor. Making each following bite become more of a chore to get through.