Teen college student who is fed up with boys her own age has ELEVEN sugar daddies

(Mirror UK) Medical student Clover Pittilla, 19, said she has been left completely disillusioned by men in her age group that she is throwing in the towel with romance and instead dating for money and gifts.

Clover advertises herself online as a ‘sugar baby’ and since 2014 has dated 11 older men such as bankers, restaurant owners and company CEOs.

The 19-year-old claims her family support her decision which has seen her being showered with designer shoes, clothes, handbags and jewellery.

“I’ve had eleven sugar daddies so far, including three or four serious ones”, she said. “Boys do nothing but mess you around. At least if a sugar daddy breaks my heart, I can cry into a brand new pair of Manolo Blahniks.”

Ms Pittilla, who has currently taken a year-long break from her medical science degree to pursue her hobby of being a glamour model, continued: “Boys are immature – especially when you’re only 19. But I’m a very mature 19. With young guys you get nothing but heartache, and all they want is sex.”


So Clover got tired of guy’s her age giving her the run around and just wanting sex so what is the next thing she does?  She becomes a sugar baby for old guys who give her gifts in exchange for her company. Not a bad racket if you can get into it. Its such a good deal that she dropped out of Medical School   Freshman Anatomy for the year to full devote herself to her clients. Because when you eleven sugar daddies there is no time for 8am’s and late study nights.

So she’s clearly fucking all these guys right? Hard to believe there is a sugar daddy out there buying thousand dollar shoes,  going on 300 dollar dates not expecting some strange much out of it. And if that isn’t in the deal and these guys just want to be seen with her will throw me for an even bigger loop, because in no way is this girl hot enough just to be seen with. She said it herself that she wants to be an instagram glamour model aka every other girl on instagram. But there are some guys out there that don’t want to get an escort for whatever reason but are fine going with the Sugar Daddy role because they think its a lil classier and good for them.  How about when she told her parents where all her fancy gifts were coming from..

She said: “Mum was shocked at first and so was dad when she told him.

“But they eventually got their head around it all and actually have a laugh about some of the stories I come home with.”

Every time he laughs he is dying a little bit inside, I just know it. Hard to get the image of old wrinkly balls all over your baby girl just so she can have nice shoes. Game over man, game over.



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