Doc Rivers Would Prefer To Trade Away Blake Griffin If Clippers Break Up Core

(RealGm) If the Los Angeles Clippers have to break up their Big 3, Doc Rivers reportedly would prefer to trade away Blake Griffin.

Griffin is entering the later stages of his prime and his game may not age well unless he eventually develops a three-pointer.

Griffin would also give the Clippers the strongest return.

The Clippers are 22-9 without Griffin over the past two seasons and 13-3 since he’s been out this season.

That does make sense trading Griffin because it will get them the most return because he is their best player. But you do positively not trade him. If anything trade DeAndre so Blake can have more room to operate especially after developing consistency in his jumper these past couple of seasons. Look at what he did to the Rockets last year in the playoffs


How many power forwards can do that? None, besides Griffin. He’s the best power forward in the league just entering his prime. So I do not buy “later stages of his prime” at all. Its laughable really. Its a cheap thought because he think he has a high impact game so he will wear down his body faster. But thats just not true, his dunks have noticeably dipped because he’s trying to conserve his body. Also he has been taking more long jumpers than anyone in the league and hitting them at a 41% clip. As his game continues to progress outward he is bound to add the 3pt shot similar to what Chris Bosh has done over time. Last year in the playoffs he had 3 triple doubles and a double double in every game he played in. No other post player is giving you that kind of production anywhere. Blake obviously should be your cornerstone player.

Doc Rivers better make some moves if it doesn’t happen this year and Jordan should be his number one option.



  1. In a vacuum Griffin might be the best PF in the game. As Zach Lowe noted it’s his ability to pass on the move that truly separates him from his peers. It’s really the only way he can operate in the cramped environment w/ DJ. His true downfall might be his lack of defensive ability. The eye test would indicate he’s improved in this area, but he is far from elite.

    However, I think the league is trending away from this type of player. The future seems to be players who look and play much more like Durant or LeBron (when at small ball 4) or Draymond Green, Kawhi Leonard etc…


    1. Yeah defense has always been a question for him, even help side D. How does a guy so athletic not average more blocks?
      The league is definitely going that way with small ball lineups becoming more common. But the league will always want players like Blake, just too dynamic of a player.


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