Month: July 2016

Popping adderalls like tic tacs? Mr. Robot thoughts

Is control an illusion?

First off i just want to say I do not think Elliot is in prison or some sort of asylum. I do think that he has simplified his life to mimic one though.

One of the constants after the first two episodes of this season is control, whether it be trying to get it, letting go of it, or how to handle it when you get it. Most of the episode is spent with Elliot as he fights for control of psyche against Mr. Robot, a fight he wins temporarily thanks to taking a huge doses of Adderrall. Which helped him rid himself of Mr. Robot for five sleepless days where he walked around with this pleasant hop

It was fun to see Elliot go through his life without Mr. Robot so we were able to see the vibrancy so often missing from the show. His drug haze was well done and kind of felt like something out of Trainspotting. Maybe going forward now that Elliot has figured out a way to subside him Mr. Robot temporarily we will get to see more of this vibrancy in the coming weeks. The next time we see Mr. Robot is when Elliot is talking to Ray,  then he gets up to get something from a shelf and there is Mr. Robot waiting behind him.

We learned more about Ray’s motives this week and one of them is trying to regain control of his site that is getting infiltrated and stealing his bitcoins. So he needs some to fix the situation and thats where his interest lies with Elliot. The Bitcoin angle is interesting because the lack of available cash since the hack, so it would figure that bitcoin has way more value than it did before ( the exchange rate is 1 bitcoin is worth $657 bucks). Ray is very eloquent guy often using 50 words when only 5 will do, for example when he says this about Elliot’s quest for control of his life, “Control is about as real as a one-legged unicorn taking a leak at the end of a double rainbow”. He studies Elliot and lets him know that they are not much different from one another.  One of the ways is that he talks to his dead wife every morning just like how Elliot does. He appears to   be slowly getting through to Elliot and it can’t come soon enough because I’m eager to see Elliot behind a keyboard again.


Now onto Angela at E Corp, whose scenes have been some of the strongest this season thanks in big part to Philip Price her boss who feels like the personification of capitalism, especially with his speech last week in DC. But this week he throws Angela for a loop when he asks her out to dinner after gauging her interests on a dessert they serve there. Right before getting there she fills herself with positive quotes, assuming it would be a romantic date of some sort. She shows up looking dressed to kill , very vampy stuff. Instead, Price introduces her to two other dinner guests, E corp colleagues. At the end of dinner, Price privately tells Angela of his coworker’s  positive, charitable qualities before telling her that they were complicit in the toxic leak that killed her mother and Elliot’s father. Price then produces a disc with all the evidence of their repeated fraud and  tells her this is all she needs to destroy the men’s lives , saying that while she’s “panicking” right now at the thought, if she removes emotion from the decision, “You’ll do just fine.” So now Angela is struggling with what to with her new found control over their lives. This is one of the more interesting parts of the overall story. How much farther down the rabbit hole can she go and will it ultimately benefit her or Price more?



With the show moving a little bit slower than last season we get to see more from the supporting characters on the show like Romero who got to tell the violent and tragic ownership history of the arcade to Mobley. Kind of ironic that he was the de facto owner while he met his untimely demise. The FBI agent had an AH-HA! moment when she found the flyer for the end of the world party in Romero’s trash after gaining entrance to his house by offering to roll some blunts for his grandma because her arthritis made it difficult to roll them herself and decided to stroll on down and give it a look for herself.



F. Society, hmm. So thats how they chose the name, fair enough. I wonder what or who she will find out next, she seems really lonely  as do most people in this show so I’m sure that will only help in her endeavors to uncover the hack and those responsible for it. Speaking of those responsible for it, has anyone figured out where Tyrell is? The closet thing that I can think of is maybe he’s in France because he greeted Elliot with ‘Bonjour’ while talking with him on the phone other than that I got nothing for you. But at least his wife can afford to still look fresh as hell