Running Scared: An Overlooked Gem

Running Scared was released in 2006 starring Paul Walker and the beautiful Vera Farmiga. It is an action thriller with the russian mob,mafia ,Paul Walker, video game violence, a russian guy who won’t stop quoting John Wayne, Vera Farming tushy sprinkled with some Tarantino and Tony Scott flavor. So if those ingredients intrigue your palate read on to see how much you will enjoy the final course.

Running Scared tells the tale of a low level enforcer for the mob who tries to track down and dispose of a stolen gun that was used in a botched robbery to kill some dirty cops. Set in New Jersey it opens with Walker and his crew about to finish a drug deal when suddenly a team of masked men storm in like the KGB in the 80’s and start killing people left and right. They get ready to execute Walker’s crew when one of them pulls out his backup and shoots the dick off of one of the masked men. Now when you have a dick getting shot off in the first two minutes you are in for a wild roller coaster ride. Now the gun used in the shooting to kill the dirty cops was given to Paul to be disposed of.

Instead of getting rid of the gun right away Paul goes home to wife and kid son at home. He hides the gun in his house then gets back to the real issue at hand, which is Vera and her tight tush which I will not post here because its a family site.

JK here it is


The ass that sets the movie in motion in all its glory. It is not the first time her derriere has played the part in a major story, you may remember it from ‘The Departed’ with Leo. There is only one way to describe it and my friend Al did it best

Of course when Paul is getting busy (respect bruv) the gun is stolen by his son’s friend who also happens to be the neighbor. The son’s friend uses the gun on his abusive stepfather and now the chase is on. From this point on it becomes a game of cat and mouse trying track down the gun as it changes hands over the course of the night. It passes through the hands of everyone from the neighbor who stole it, a janitor, a mechanic  to a Mac Daddy Pimp  just to name a few. The supporting characters are excellent and really excel and are able to really chew the scenery. The way the villains are portrayed with such rich emotion and imagery it kind of feels like a fairy tale. This can be seen when Vera who is not just there as a pretty face has to roll up her sleeves and go to work to go get the missing missing neighbor kid from a very opportunistic and  definitely the most evil pair of the entire film. For example when the kid is hiding in the bathroom trying to call for help when you see the silhouette of the couple walk behind him to reveal what they truly are…monsters.

Little details like that are what really elevates this from many similar movies. Its a two hour fast paced thriller with one of the most wicked climax scenes at a hockey rink that will give you new appreciation for ‘Red Ice’. From the beginning this movie will grab your attention like the first drop on a roller coaster and it will careen you through many loops , twists before coming to a smooth end that will have you craving to watch it again. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.



North Korea invents alcohol that leaves ‘no hangover’

(ABC News) North Korea has created a hangover-free liquor that is between 30 and 40 per cent alcohol but leaves you clear-headed in the morning, state media says.

The Pyongyang Times said the drink, Koryo Liquor, used a cunning combination of six-year-old, top quality ginseng and “scorched glutinous rice”.

The resulting tipple is a subtle blend of sweet and savoury that is “highly appreciated by experts and lovers as it is suave and causes no hangover”.

According to the state newspaper, the new alcohol “exudes national flavour” and has been registered as a “national scientific and technological hit”.

The brew has already been garlanded with prizes, including top spot at last year’s national liquor show, the article added.

North Korean media has a long record of making extraordinary claims of the country’s achievements in a variety of fields, from medicine to sport and farming.

So this is it, is this how it really ends? Because you better believe that if this really exists thus is how the world will end. North Korea is not having too much luck with their nuclear bombs and cruise missiles so they create an alcohol with no hangover to unleash on the world to cause chaos. It will be chaos in the streets because there will be drunk people all over the place at all times. Most times people don’t go too overboard because of the hangover but not anymore , just drinking without a care in the world. The world has to have checks and balances because without them would result in a breakdown of society , and without the hangover to go along with the boozing to excess those checks and balances cease to exist.

Sean Penn’s interview with El chapo

As many you have already heard Sean Penn sat down with El Chapo for an interview back in October for Rolling Stone, who recently published it. Since then many journalists, publications have come out against Penn saying that he gives a bad name to journalists, that he should be charged because he knew of El Chapo’s whereabouts but did not notify authorities.  Chelsea Handler also said “He’s very funny. He also takes himself very seriously, and I didn’t know he was a journalist — I mean, what the f— is that?”   Add that to the media outlets like Gawker condemning his decision to conduct the interview.

In this day and age with social networking anyone with a smartphone can be a journalists. You don’t need the backing of a publication anymore,you get to hear different voices and point of view you would have never of heard before in the past and that is a great thing. But with that you will also get many more shit writers and trolls but that just comes with the change. But to say someone isn’t a real journalist because they didn’t go to college is laughable. I have seen more stories broken on Twitter versus any network or news publication in the past five years. Thats where stories break, and get picked up now.

Going back to the Penn article , how many of his detractors would have turned down an opportunity to exclusive interview with El Chapo ?  Exactly , it may not be the best piece in the world because El Chapo had the final edit of the interview and it wouldn’t have gotten published otherwise but I give Penn credit because going into the jungle and meeting with one the most dangerous men on the planet has to be frightening. That takes massive balls and he did it, so Penn has my respect.  Sure he can come off as a blow hard sometimes but I just think he gets so passionate about things he can’t help himself.  He was going for a different style of interview and trying to humanize El Chapo and discovering why the way he is and what caused that. Sean has done many great things here in the USA and around the world for the much less fortunate from helping with reliefs efforts in Haiti and in New Orleans after Katrina. So people need to give him a break and try to make the world a better place like he has done before they break out the pitchforks.

ESPN’s Top 10 Power forwards ever

Today is Power forwards so lets take a loom at ESPN’s rank 

  1. Tim Duncan
  2. Karl Malone
  3. Dirk Nowwitzki
  4. Charles Barkley
  5. Kevin Garnett
  6. Kevin McHale
  7. Bob Pettit
  8. Elvin Hayes
  9. Pau Gasol
  10. Dennis Rodman

The Power forward position leaves less wiggle room than some of the other positions because the top guys are so clear cut but there is a little wiggle room in the middle. Now here’s my list

  1. Tim Duncan
  2. Kevin Garnett (He was so much a game changer on the defensive side which gives him the edge over Malone in my ranks.Malone was made an All-Defensive player four times (three of which were First Team nods), Garnett has 12 such selections (eight of which saw him on the First Team).
  3. Karl Malone
  4. Charles Barkley
  5. Dirk Nowitzki
  6. Bob Pettit
  7. Dennis Rodman
  8. Elvin Hayes
  9. Kevin Mchale
  10. Dave DeBusschere

In the least surprising news of the day-Linda Tripp reveals Bill Clinton had affairs with ‘thousands of women’

(DailyMail) One-time Monica Lewinsky friend gives rare radio interview, says Hillary Clinton knew her husband had multiple affairs during presidency
Tripp, who secretly taped Lewinsky’s phone calls and exposed them, says then-president had serial affairs that included ‘thousands of women’
Tripp also claims Hillary Clinton tried to destroy women with whom he had affairs, says she went public to save Lewinsky from danger

No one should be surprised by this, the man’s nickname is Slick Willie for Christ’s sake. You just don’t get fall into that kind of nickname, it is bestowed upon you after putting your willie into so many chicks that it is perpetually in a state of slickness. Of Course Hilary was trying to destroy women who got with Bill, she doesn’t want that going public. She’s a ride or die type of woman and that much is clear, kind of like Frank and Clair Underwood relationship.  Slick Willie is one of the coolest cats ever and Tripp’s quotes just cement that…never change Bill.


ESPN’s Top 10 Small forwards ever

Alright lets just dive into it with ESPN’S ranks

  1. LeBron
  2. Larry Bird
  3. Julius Erving
  4. Kevin Durant
  5. Elgin Baylor
  6. Scottie Pippen
  7. John Havilcek
  8. Rick Barry
  9. James Worthy
  10. Domonique Wilkins

The problems I have with this is that Durant is way too high, and Havilcek is too low. Now here’s mine

  1. LeBron
  2. Larry Legend
  3. John Havilcek
  4. Dr. J
  5. Elgin Baylor
  6. Scottie Pippen
  7. Rick Barry
  8. James Worthy
  9. Domonique Wilkins
  10. Kevin Durant

Ahhh now doesn’t that feel better

Chipotle is shutting down all its stores to go over safety with employees

(CNN) Chipotle is shutting down all its stores nationwide for a few hours next month to hold staff meetings about food safety. The meeting will occur on February 8. Chipotle (CMG) has suffered from several outbreaks of E. coli , salmonella and norovirus that poisoned customers and caused its stock price to plunge more than a third over the last three months. The company has projected an 8% drop in sales for the fourth quarter. Chipotle will provide its quarterly financial results on February 2. But CEO Steve Ells said earlier this week that he was “hopeful” the Centers for Disease Control would soon declare that the outbreaks were over. “We know that Chipotle is as safe as it’s ever been before,” said Ells on Jan. 13 at a conference in Orlando. He said that Chipotle is planning to lure back customers with a new marketing campaign in February.

First Blue Bell now this, some of America’s favorite brands are going through an outbreak rough patch. At least with Blue Bell there was only a few plants so it was easier to trace but this  Chipotle thing is more wide spread making it look like normal procedure across all their stores.  So they will be closing their stores in February to go over food safety which you would think they wouldn’t need to do in the first place but here we are. They have been gaining so much steam with opening up new stores in recent years it looks like they just started to get sloppy. But don’t worry they will lure all of us back with a new marketing campaign ! Thats the ticket, just put out a new jingle to make everyone forget about your unsafe food.  How about adding queso to the menu, that would be a great start . Its not even that great of a place, I really don’t get it.

ESPN Top ten shooting guard ever list

ESPN released the point guard list earlier this week and now its onto the shooting guards. Let’s take a look…

  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Kobe Bryant
  3. Jerry West
  4. Dwyane Wade
  5. Clyde Drexler
  6. Allen Iverson
  7. George Gervin
  8. Ray Allen
  9. Reggie Miller
  10. Earl Monroe

Thats a pretty good list not nearly as bad as their point guard list. Now here is my list of the top shooting guards ever

  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Kobe
  3. D-Wade
  4. Clyde Drexler
  5. Jerry West
  6. AI
  7. George Gervin
  8. Ray Allen
  9. T-Mac
  10. Reggie Miller

New movies/shows On the Horizon

I normally don’t post many previews because they are so many coming out everyday but these few really caught my eye and I’m eager to see if they can deliver.


The McConaissance is in still full effect and we haven’t our fellow Texan since Interstellar so he’s busy been busy making a few project since then and this is the first one that will get released in May.  It takes in place in during the Civil War and has kind of ‘The Patriot’  vibe to it. It has a good message behind it , showing that coming together as one be will be vital to preserving our way of life, also while displaying what it will take for true freedom and justice to exist in this country.



Dirty cop drama with Woody Harrelson and Kate Winslet as this big bad? I’m fucking sold. I can’t get enough crime thrillers and this one has an excellent cast including Aaron Paul, Micheal  K. Williams (Omar from The Wire) and Daryl from the TWD. With the underrated Casey Affleck and some character supporting actors that always kill it no matter the role, I’m looking at you Clifton Collins J! They kind of gave away a spoiler (stop doing this with trailers, just throw random scenes in trailer) with the cop but I doubt I will remember it when it comes out so whatever.


This is the best Clooney I have seen Clooney since that time I got my hopes up with the Monuments Men.  Now he isn’t directing this time so that should be a good thing but Jodie Foster is. I haven’t seen her since she was putting on a leg show around the time Elysium came out

so fit



Finally we have a new show with Aaron Paul, yeah bitch! It looks like he joins a cult and has second thoughts or something while getting it on with Michelle Monaghan (niiiice). Hugh Dancy  who I didn’t quite recognize at first as charismatic leader of this new faith. Too bad Hannibal ended but it wouldn’t be long until we saw him again. Hopefully Aaron can find a home with this show and show what we all know he’s capable of. He hasnt been able to that really with his recent film roles. Plus it has Minka Kelly.



ESPN’S Top Ten Point Guards Ever has be trolling right?

(ESPN) The NBA is a point guard’s paradise these days, so let’s start All-Time #NBArank with our pantheon points.

To create All-Time #NBArank, we put together a ballot with the 150 greatest players ever, factoring in peak and career value. Then our ESPN expert panel voted on thousands of head-to-head matchups, resulting in an all-time NBA Top 100.

  1. Magic Johnson
  2. Oscar Robertson
  3. John Stockton
  4. Steph Curry
  5. Isiah Thomas
  6. Chris Paul
  7. Steve Nash
  8. Jason Kidd
  9. Walt Frazier
  10. Bob Cousy


Espn is doing another ranking of the all time guys and this one had to be a troll to get some traffic right? I know thats been there shtick now for awhile. First off having Curry at #4 is a huge reach. Give him some time and he see how he does before getting the 4 spot. Chris Paul is way too high too, he’s a great player but not the sixth best ever. Now let me show the correct top 10 ever…

  1. Magic Johnson
  2. Oscar Robertson
  3. Isiah Thomas
  4. John Stockton
  5. Steve Nash
  6. Jason Kidd
  7. Walt Frazier
  8. Steph Curry
  9. Tony Parker
  10. Nate Archibald