A Foreshadowing Thought on Se7en

I woke up last Sunday morning  got up went to brush my teeth then came back into my room turned on the tv to get some entertainment while I brush. To my delight Se7en was on so my search stopped there and I was all in again for my umpteenth viewing  of the Fincher product.  The part I jumped in on was right before detective Mills and Somerset  discover the ‘Sloth’. When I sat down to watch it I noticed something that I hadn’t previously. Now if you are not familiar with the film its about a serial killer named John Doe who is patterning his kills off of the seven deadly sins.  For a visual refresher this is the scene


Pretty wicked scene right, its downright frightening when the guy wakes up and gasps fort air. The part I was referring to earlier happened right after the clip above ends. I couldn’t manage to find the clip after searching for a while so I’ll just describe it instead. The crime scene around the sloth’s apartment is cordoned off. Mills (Brad Pitt) and Somerset (Morgan Freeman) are standing watch at the top of the stairs before the apartment. While they are standing watch a paparazzi sneaks up the stairs and starts snapping pictures (the title image is one of the pics he took) of the scene before Mills gets a little physical with him by showing him the way downstairs and cursing him out as he leaves. As Mills is turning around Somerset says to him “It’s impressive to see a man feeding off his emotions.” For some reason that line struck me differently and with the *spoiler alert* photographer being revealed later to be John Doe when they find the title picture in his apartment it all starts to piece together.

Somerset’s quote foreshadows Mill’s fate perfectly by completing Doe’s plan of the seven deadly sin killings with the final one being Wrath. After Doe sees how easily Mills gets worked up he locks in on him. He knows that under the right circumstances he can manipulate Mills into feeling such hatred and anger he will have very little choice and ultimately give into the violence that festers inside of him and ultimately unleash it on Doe. The transfer of emotion is how Mills becomes a possessed by Doe and ends up doing what he had planned along. By killing the evil Doe Mills has become evil himself and caused it grow stronger. Mills’ innocent and pure wife is violated and sacrificed and Mills the hero protagonist who is in a twisted way a reason his wife died. By avenging her he relinquished his soul in a way and becomes a broken man in mind,body and spirit.


But if he had refused to do that like Somerset pleaded with him to do so that wouldn’t be the case. He would’ve suppressed the wrath he was feeling and had a chance to conquer the evil that was coursing through him in that moment but alas he just became another one of the forsaken. That is why the ending is so gut wrenching because everyone is constantly fighting the Doe that is inside of us all in a spiritual battle. Do we give in to weight of our own anguish and allow the darkness to take over or make the other choice ?




Running Scared: An Overlooked Gem

Running Scared was released in 2006 starring Paul Walker and the beautiful Vera Farmiga. It is an action thriller with the russian mob,mafia ,Paul Walker, video game violence, a russian guy who won’t stop quoting John Wayne, Vera Farming tushy sprinkled with some Tarantino and Tony Scott flavor. So if those ingredients intrigue your palate read on to see how much you will enjoy the final course.

Running Scared tells the tale of a low level enforcer for the mob who tries to track down and dispose of a stolen gun that was used in a botched robbery to kill some dirty cops. Set in New Jersey it opens with Walker and his crew about to finish a drug deal when suddenly a team of masked men storm in like the KGB in the 80’s and start killing people left and right. They get ready to execute Walker’s crew when one of them pulls out his backup and shoots the dick off of one of the masked men. Now when you have a dick getting shot off in the first two minutes you are in for a wild roller coaster ride. Now the gun used in the shooting to kill the dirty cops was given to Paul to be disposed of.

Instead of getting rid of the gun right away Paul goes home to wife and kid son at home. He hides the gun in his house then gets back to the real issue at hand, which is Vera and her tight tush which I will not post here because its a family site.

JK here it is


The ass that sets the movie in motion in all its glory. It is not the first time her derriere has played the part in a major story, you may remember it from ‘The Departed’ with Leo. There is only one way to describe it and my friend Al did it best

Of course when Paul is getting busy (respect bruv) the gun is stolen by his son’s friend who also happens to be the neighbor. The son’s friend uses the gun on his abusive stepfather and now the chase is on. From this point on it becomes a game of cat and mouse trying track down the gun as it changes hands over the course of the night. It passes through the hands of everyone from the neighbor who stole it, a janitor, a mechanic  to a Mac Daddy Pimp  just to name a few. The supporting characters are excellent and really excel and are able to really chew the scenery. The way the villains are portrayed with such rich emotion and imagery it kind of feels like a fairy tale. This can be seen when Vera who is not just there as a pretty face has to roll up her sleeves and go to work to go get the missing missing neighbor kid from a very opportunistic and  definitely the most evil pair of the entire film. For example when the kid is hiding in the bathroom trying to call for help when you see the silhouette of the couple walk behind him to reveal what they truly are…monsters.

Little details like that are what really elevates this from many similar movies. Its a two hour fast paced thriller with one of the most wicked climax scenes at a hockey rink that will give you new appreciation for ‘Red Ice’. From the beginning this movie will grab your attention like the first drop on a roller coaster and it will careen you through many loops , twists before coming to a smooth end that will have you craving to watch it again. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Music and Lyrics: Overlooked Gem of the Week

Music and lyrics came out in 2007 starring one of the greatest Rom Com actors of all time in Hugh Grant and the free spirited party child Drew Barrymore who’s been in everything E.T. to Scream to Charlie’s Angels and the Sandler movies including one of his best  50 First Dates. She also does the cutest side mouth thing when she talks.drew

Oh, and 90’s Drew was throwing some serious heat

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.03.56 PM.png

Back to the movie , its about a has been 80’s pop group Pop modeled after the real life duo Wham! Fast Forward 20 years and he’s now performing high school reunions , state fairs.

He has a nice apartment on the Upper East Side along with a healthy love of potted plants that need watering. So with his work schedule busy he hires someone to water his plants and in walks Drew Barrymore being clumsy and adorable as usual.  Hugh has been struggling to still book the same amount of gigs as in years past so when a huge pop star happens to come across one of his old records and loves it , he has a chance to get reintroduced to the new generation. The catch is he has less than 48 hours to write a song and deliver it to her before she leaves the city.

His agent hooks him up with a popular industry songwriter  and he comes over to work on the song. Then in walks in Drew again and she starts to go about watering the plants when she starts to sing along to music in the background. On one verse she happens to sing  little too loud so they Hugh and the songwriter hears her. Hugh then puts her lyric into the song and thinks it works better but the songwriter disagrees then ends up leaving. So Hugh and Drew have to come up with the song and from that point she is rooted in his life.

Hugh and Drew sound surprisingly well even though I’m sure they got some help and the original songs they come up with in the are really good , see for yourself


It continues from there and to see the growth from Drew’s character into a real lyricist in addition to see how their relationship blossoms throughout the movie. Its really funny with plenty of dry humor , Hugh is charming usual added with the behind the scenes look music production and you end up having one very unique Rom Com and one of my favorites.

Overlooked Movie of the Week: Goon

Goon is about Sean William Scott who’s been labeled an outcast by his brainy family, he works as a bouncer but doesn’t really know what to do. So one night his childhood friend Jay brings him to a minor league hockey game, when an enforcer on the visiting team comes into the stands and gets into with Sean who proceeds to knock him the fuck out.

As a result of that he gets a tryout with the local team and makes it despite not being able to shoot or skate very well. He’s strictly out there as an enforcer.  He does so well in his new role he gets called up to the Halifax farm team, one step below the NHL to protect a young star player.

Goon plays like part Rocky and part Bad News Bears but with much more violence, and very colorful language. While being violent and crude Goon still manages to have a lot of heart throughout. You will be cracking up from the one liners , saying “OH SHIT!” from the knockouts and maybe even shedding a tear along they way you heartless bitch. If that sounds like your kind of movie don’t wait any longer and pull it up on Netflix.



Overlooked Movie of the week, Short Term 12

I recently watched Short Term 12 and I have been kicking myself for not watching it sooner. Seeing as how it has been sitting in my Netflix queue for almost 2 years. The only reason I decided to finally getting around to watching it is because I have been seeing a lot of talk about ‘The Room’ the film adaption of the book with the same title about a woman who gets kidnapped, held hostage for years and ends up having a kid with her captor. I know dark stuff but anyways it been getting a lot attention the lead actress Brie Larson who most of you will remember as the love interest in 21 Jump Street

So when I looked up her imdb page I saw Short Term 12 and I instantly remembered always scrolling past while I search for a hour looking for something to watch.  I had put it off for so long because of the subject matter with foster kids and neglected children because its not all the time you are in the mood for something like but that day I just felt the universe was telling me to watch it so I did. I put it on and from the opening scene I was hooked. The film has a way of filming the characters as they tell stories and you just feel so connected to them like you are right across from them listening. It can be so funny at times and heartbreaking seconds later. I don’t want to give too much away other than I am definitely going to watch this a few more times because the ensemble of performances is so good and Brie Larson absolutely shines.


New movies/shows On the Horizon

I normally don’t post many previews because they are so many coming out everyday but these few really caught my eye and I’m eager to see if they can deliver.


The McConaissance is in still full effect and we haven’t our fellow Texan since Interstellar so he’s busy been busy making a few project since then and this is the first one that will get released in May.  It takes in place in during the Civil War and has kind of ‘The Patriot’  vibe to it. It has a good message behind it , showing that coming together as one be will be vital to preserving our way of life, also while displaying what it will take for true freedom and justice to exist in this country.



Dirty cop drama with Woody Harrelson and Kate Winslet as this big bad? I’m fucking sold. I can’t get enough crime thrillers and this one has an excellent cast including Aaron Paul, Micheal  K. Williams (Omar from The Wire) and Daryl from the TWD. With the underrated Casey Affleck and some character supporting actors that always kill it no matter the role, I’m looking at you Clifton Collins J! They kind of gave away a spoiler (stop doing this with trailers, just throw random scenes in trailer) with the cop but I doubt I will remember it when it comes out so whatever.


This is the best Clooney I have seen Clooney since that time I got my hopes up with the Monuments Men.  Now he isn’t directing this time so that should be a good thing but Jodie Foster is. I haven’t seen her since she was putting on a leg show around the time Elysium came out

so fit



Finally we have a new show with Aaron Paul, yeah bitch! It looks like he joins a cult and has second thoughts or something while getting it on with Michelle Monaghan (niiiice). Hugh Dancy  who I didn’t quite recognize at first as charismatic leader of this new faith. Too bad Hannibal ended but it wouldn’t be long until we saw him again. Hopefully Aaron can find a home with this show and show what we all know he’s capable of. He hasnt been able to that really with his recent film roles. Plus it has Minka Kelly.



A few takes from the Golden Globes

This won’t be a recap of the show but just a few things I caught about it.

First off congrats to Mr. Robot on winning best drama. Beating out the likes of Game of Thrones , Empires and Narcoooooooos to take home the Best TV drama. It couldn’t be more well deserved for a such a powerful show. Christian Slater also won for Best Supporting Actor, so just a huge night for the show. Do yourself a favor and just watch it now without reading about it. It was my favorite show of the Year. Just to prove success brings more success look at who the show’s creator Sam Esmail

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.23.28 PM.png

This nerdy looking guy is engaged to


To Emmy Rossum, aka Fiona from Shameless who likes to go tits out for the boys a lot in that show. Good for him and she introduced him to the star of Mr. Robot so thats a great origin story.

Secondly, these ladies are still bringing their fastball and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

J.Lo forever and ever. She should be a national treasure. Cliche but she does indeed age like a fine wine. Hats off

Pow! Check out the abs on Kate Hudson, keeping it right and keeping it tight. Hasn’t lost any off of her heater and add the choker to it and you know she’s a dick wrecker.

Gill City, Population Helen Mirren. The dame is 70 and looks a good 15 years younger and she’s been enchanting for a long time and continues to do so.



Ben Affleck gets HUGE Back Tattoo and its the most absurd thing I have ever seen

(DailyMail) Ben Affleck unveiled a surprisingly massive back tattoo while in a gaping hospital gown on the Los Angeles set of his film Live By Night on Tuesday.

The 43-year-old leading man’s extensive body art was of a colourful phoenix – a mythological bird symbolizing rebirth and rising from the ashes.

The ink is real – according to Us Weekly – who quoted a source as saying: ‘He got it done at home recently. Jen knows about it but feels like it’s not her problem.’

That’s one aggressive tattoo Ben. It not only covers his whole back but its colored too. That is some real dedication. But lets face it he has had a rough going through a public divorce after he got caught cheating with the nanny in the most cliche story ever. He was also filming Batman Vs. Superman at the same time. He’s a known gambler and boozer so maybe he got it out one night on a bender? And woke up like Ishmael in Kingpin. Even though its probably some breakdown of some sort like Britney in 07. britney-spears

How about a “source” close to Jennifer Garner saying ‘He got it done at home recently. Jen knows about it but feels like it’s not her problem.’ You can practically feel how much she fucking hates it and maybe thats why he got it done in the first place. Ben has said in an interview before that he got real tattoos of a barbed-wire and crucifix-laden on his arms for his role in  Reindeer Games.


‘They were right for the character. I play a convict and it’s pretty rare to get through a prison sentence without coming away without at least one tattoo,’ He later said in another interview ‘I was young. It was fun and cool. I’m sorry now, but it is a good lesson in decisions that have important and long repercussions.’ Hmm, probably shouldn’t him that quote anytime soon or ever.


Fat Russel Crowe is Back and I couldn’t be more excited

Fat Russell Crowe is back! Fat Russell Crowe is back! He is teaming with Ryan Gosling who hasn’t had a mainstream movie in a couple of years because he’s been busy with passion projects and directing. But what a marvelous choice he made with this one. I just hope the studio sent Russell over to his house to convince him on why he should join the cast. I can see it now, Russell shows up to Gosling’s modest yet tastefully exquisite Spanish Bungalow up in the Hollywood Hills bringing with him all of his favorites from Panera Bread and few servings of cheddar bay biscuits he picked up on the way. Telling him it will be part LA Confidential part Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with a helping of  Lethal Weapon violence and he just couldn’t resist.

If you haven’t seen the very under seen  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, please do its one of my favorite films and it takes place during Christmas so its sure to get you in the festive mood. Plus Shane Black who made it also made the Nice Guys (trailer above),  and Lethal Weapon so you can expect all the same wit , charm, and violence rolled up into one delicious cheddar bay biscuit.

Watch the Batman V Superman trailer so you don’t have to waste time watching the movie


Only if this were a short film instead of a trailer for a full length feature, it would have been one of the more entertaining, action packed shorts ever but now it just saps all the fun out the movie. You go into it thinking it will  be a Batman Vs. Superman slugfest but instead they become buddies and team up to beat a big bad that Luthor created. They could have played that and some more of the plot points a little closer to the vest so you actually wouldn’t see all the beats of the film. So when people do see it , the story will no longer unfold to them like it would normally with surprise, shock , awe and the other feelings you experience when watching. Stop making trailers like this Hollywood, I don’t want to see the whole movie before I pay for a ticket. What happened to showing random out of context scenes with a little music that did just enough to entice you to go see it in theaters . And I’m also over city destruction in literally every Marvel, DC film. I know it may sound strange to them but there can be other things at stake besides total destruction.

What happened to Zach Snyder? He came out of the gates swinging with the Dawn of the Dead remake followed by 300. Then came the forgettable Wacthmen, utter disappointment Sucker Punch. The Sucker Punch trailer is so good too, its a shame the script couldn’t match the visuals.  I thought Superman was dull and dozed off a couple times and this guy is still getting these big budget films with more coming down the pipeline. I hope he can recapture that magic he had from DOTD and 300 sometime soon but I’m just not seeing it with this preview.