Amish folks: Enough is enough

(CBC)  Amish residents of a western Kentucky town are fighting back against an ordinance requiring large animals to wear collection bags to catch their droppings, arguing that the law unfairly singles out their community.

The Daily News of Bowling Green reports that many Amish in Auburn have refused to comply with the ordinance, citing concerns that attempts to put the bags on their horses might frighten the animals.

Many cases have landed in court, and some defendants have been jailed for refusing to pay the fine for violating the ordinance.

Regulation unconstitutional?

Last week, attorney Travis Lock filed a notice arguing that the regulation is unconstitutional because it discriminates against the Amish.

Auburn officials say the ordinance keeps the streets clean and reduces the risk of spreading disease.

First things first I love the  entertainment the Amish community has provided me over the years from those reality shoes on TLC, and Discovery like Breaking Amish to Amish Mafia all the way to the scripted stuff like Harrison Ford in ‘Witness


‘I’ll strike your Da if you disparage my flock again’  s/o to young Viggo Mortenson behind my friend Harry.

Last but certainly not least the most beautiful Amish girl I have seen Rebecca Bowman in the massively underrated show Banshee




Needless to say that she didn’t return home after Rumspringa

Ok back to the point about how the Amish think its unconstitutional to equip their horse’s with poo catchers so their many horses don’t shit all over town when they come in to sell their goods and whatever else it is Amish people do besides commit incest. I know you guys like to live like tis the 1800’s but its not like that anymore you cannot just let your trusty steed just drop bombs all over the place. While us regular folk have to make sure to grab a doggy bag for a 3lb chihuahua or face a ticket and fine. Shit ain’t right. If you want to benefit from our society maybe you should follow some rules that benefit everyone. I’m pretty sure everyone else is on board with no poop in the streets rule. You already slow up traffic with your buggies so the least you can do would be to clean up all the horse logs getting sawed off around town. So their big gripe is that the extra bag on the horse will frighten it, haha you have to be kidding me. Look at the horse in the banner pic, if all that gear on it isn’t frightening it I doubt a poo bag will.

I think the real reason they don’t want to follow the new law is because they don’t want to be trotting around with a fresh bag of horse logs wafting into your carriage. I can’t really blame them on that one. But thats the life they chose.