Month: January 2016

Doc Rivers Would Prefer To Trade Away Blake Griffin If Clippers Break Up Core

(RealGm) If the Los Angeles Clippers have to break up their Big 3, Doc Rivers reportedly would prefer to trade away Blake Griffin.

Griffin is entering the later stages of his prime and his game may not age well unless he eventually develops a three-pointer.

Griffin would also give the Clippers the strongest return.

The Clippers are 22-9 without Griffin over the past two seasons and 13-3 since he’s been out this season.

That does make sense trading Griffin because it will get them the most return because he is their best player. But you do positively not trade him. If anything trade DeAndre so Blake can have more room to operate especially after developing consistency in his jumper these past couple of seasons. Look at what he did to the Rockets last year in the playoffs


How many power forwards can do that? None, besides Griffin. He’s the best power forward in the league just entering his prime. So I do not buy “later stages of his prime” at all. Its laughable really. Its a cheap thought because he think he has a high impact game so he will wear down his body faster. But thats just not true, his dunks have noticeably dipped because he’s trying to conserve his body. Also he has been taking more long jumpers than anyone in the league and hitting them at a 41% clip. As his game continues to progress outward he is bound to add the 3pt shot similar to what Chris Bosh has done over time. Last year in the playoffs he had 3 triple doubles and a double double in every game he played in. No other post player is giving you that kind of production anywhere. Blake obviously should be your cornerstone player.

Doc Rivers better make some moves if it doesn’t happen this year and Jordan should be his number one option.


Challenge: Bloodlines Update

Its time for an update on the Challenge. The last time we visited the Challenge bunch it for the season premier which I previewed here .  In the latest episode the field is cut down to four teams for the final challenge in Berlin. So let’s see who those teams will be


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.35.05 AM

Aneesa & Rianna

Jaime & Cara Maria

Mitch & Cory

and somehow Jenna & Brianna

The last challenge to see who would go to the final consisted of one member of the pair carrying up a hundred pound bag up the mountain.


With the elevation and the air getting thinner it was no easy task. Thats why I was surprised when Brianna and Jenna were leading the entire race until the final puzzle. Albeit the girls had to carry a lighter bag up the mountain. All the guys had lots of trouble lugging it up though. Cory seemed to be feeling it the hardest, he was falling down, throwing up and at times it looked like he wasn’t going to be able to walk off the mountain with his own two feet. Vince looked terrible as usual, huffing and puffing his way up the mountain. Has there ever been a more looks like Tarzan plays like Jane guy than Vince? Seriously this guy always under performs but pounds his chest and walks around like a silverback. Watching him trying to figure out the puzzle with Bananas was like watching a blind man trying to pick out his favorite porno. Then like a phoenix rising from the ashes Cory/Mitch get to the final puzzle last and Mitch like some kind of puzzle savant manages to solve it in less than 30 seconds so they take first place as well as getting to choose who goes into the elimination.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.34.45 PM.png

With that power they decide to finally throw Bananas and Vince into the Pit. Their reasoning being that if Bananas wants to get to the finals he will have to earn it seeing as how he has not been to an elimination yet.  So at the elimination one member of the team has to break through a cinder block wall with a sledge hammer to make a hole big enough for their partner to get through so they can get to the puzzle and solve it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.42.15 PM.png


Both teams breakthrough the wall around the same time so they have a equal amount of time for the puzzle. Bananas was locked in and seemed to be getting the correct pieces faster than Cara. Of course Vince just stood next to him doing his best impression of tree that kept saying “I have no clue what I’m looking at”. Bananas scrambles to get his last piece in and screams for TJ to check it. TJ looks and tells him it is wrong and Cara gets a visible boost and starts to really go at her puzzle.


Brutal stuff missing only two pieces, so they start all over for some reason. Cara and Jaime finish theirs not long after to book their ticket to the final. Not having Bananas is a little bit of let down but Vince sucks so evens out. Here is the final four that will be competing for the 350k grand prize.


First off I have no clue how Jenna and her cousin made it this far but nevertheless they made it and are big time sleepers judging from the last Challenge. Jenna made a good point on how the other teams can’t compete with their cardio which if you remember is a big killer of teams during there final. I think Aneesa and Rianna finish fourth , followed by Jenna then in second it will Cara/Jaime. So Mitch and Cory will be the winners because I feel that they have skills between them to beat the rest of the field.

Thanks to for the pics.





Overlooked Movie of the week, Short Term 12

I recently watched Short Term 12 and I have been kicking myself for not watching it sooner. Seeing as how it has been sitting in my Netflix queue for almost 2 years. The only reason I decided to finally getting around to watching it is because I have been seeing a lot of talk about ‘The Room’ the film adaption of the book with the same title about a woman who gets kidnapped, held hostage for years and ends up having a kid with her captor. I know dark stuff but anyways it been getting a lot attention the lead actress Brie Larson who most of you will remember as the love interest in 21 Jump Street

So when I looked up her imdb page I saw Short Term 12 and I instantly remembered always scrolling past while I search for a hour looking for something to watch.  I had put it off for so long because of the subject matter with foster kids and neglected children because its not all the time you are in the mood for something like but that day I just felt the universe was telling me to watch it so I did. I put it on and from the opening scene I was hooked. The film has a way of filming the characters as they tell stories and you just feel so connected to them like you are right across from them listening. It can be so funny at times and heartbreaking seconds later. I don’t want to give too much away other than I am definitely going to watch this a few more times because the ensemble of performances is so good and Brie Larson absolutely shines.


Houston Rockets Roundup


Since the start of the year the Rockets are 9-3 with a pair of win streaks mixed in.  Compared to the month of November when they lost 8 and December when they lost 7. It finally looks like the team is hitting their groove and they can’t be seen from their play. Also having recently traded for Josh Smith (Dwight’s childhood friend) who was a catalyst last season for them in the playoffs in the Clippers series.  The Clippers basically gave him away for nothing most likely because there was friction between Doc Rivers and him about playing time. Josh has been in the dog house and hasn’t payed more than a couple of minutes since December 19th. He gets traded on Thursday and goes out on Sunday for the Rockets then drops 16, 3, 2, 2,2 in 20 minutes. Smith is one the true 5 pts, 5 rb, 5 stls, 5 blks, 5 asst type of players. He can do it all and has the size to go with it. This was a very important move to make with D-Mo dealing with his back injury and trying to rehab and get back out there. Dwight has also been taking off more this year so the Smith trade couldn’t have come at a better time for the Rockets. Look at this move he had on the Mavs this past Sunday

Even Hakeem would smile at that.

Now onto Harden who has been dogging at times this season but lately the guy is playing superb and putting up numbers very few have managed to do. In just his past five games he has been averaging almost a triple double with 28.2 points, 10.2 rebounds, 9.6 assists with a PER of 31.7!!! And just like that all the chatter about him goes away when he starts playing like he should. Look at his splits


Looking even better this month than last year in his  MVP caliber season.  Ty Lawson has also shown signs of a pulse which is a step in the right direction. The trade deadline is coming up and I know Morey is working the phones, I have heard that Lawson and Jones are available.



Farewell WordPress

It’s been a fun few months here on wordpress updating my blog and interacting with a lot of cool people on here. But I feel its time to get my own site where I have more freedom to customize and grow my blog without the constraints of WordPress. So thanks WordPress and everyone who commented or read any of my posts. I will not be updating this one anymore so you can follow my new site at

Cavs Fire Head Coach David Blatt

(ESPN) The Cleveland Cavaliers have fired second-year coach David Blatt and are replacing him with assistant Tyronn Lue, according to ESPN sources and multiple reports.

The title-hopeful Cavaliers lead the Eastern Conference at 30-11 but were blown out by the defending champion Golden State Warriors on Monday. Blatt had lost support of the locker room over the past month, sources told ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

Associate head coach Tyronn Lue, Blatt’s top assistant, signed a three-year contract Friday to be the team’s head coach, according to Yahoo! Sports, which also first reported Blatt’s firing.

LeBron James was not consulted before the Cavaliers made the move to dismiss Blatt and was informed of the decision Friday, sources told Windhorst. The decision to fire Blatt was “entirely” up to general manager David Griffin, a league source told

Griffin is expected to speak to the media at 5:45 p.m. ET.

A team source told that Lue is a natural choice to assume the head-coaching job as his influence within the Cavs was already pronounced from his assistant position.

“I think it was pretty evident,” the source said. “All the guys went to him for everything anyway.”

James’ fondness for Lue and his desire to be coached by a former player also were well known in the organization, sources told Windhorst.

Sources told ESPN’s Chris Broussard that many Cavs players, especially the veterans, felt like Blatt was in over his head as coach. They questioned whether he knew the league well enough to lead them to a championship.

Blatt’s firing comes one day after the coach was defensive prior to a win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Blatt was bothered by criticism he and the team received after the 34-point loss to the Warriors.

“I hear a lot of far-reaching conclusions, and personally, I don’t like it, but there’s nothing I can do about it because I’m not the one that’s saying or doing those things,” Blatt said. “I think this team has done pretty well dealing with the adversity that we’ve had. I think this team is in pretty good position, although people choose to overlook that, which I don’t think is fair.”

Blatt leaves the Cavaliers, his first NBA coaching job, with an 83-40 record, and his .675 winning percentage was the best of any coach in franchise history. Cleveland lost to Golden State in the NBA Finals in Blatt’s first season and James’ return to the Cavs.

It finally happened and I’m not surprised. This pairing was off from he start. David Blatt was hired before Bron returned to Cleveland. So it was Bron’s team and he didn’t choose the coach. They went through major growing pains last year with a new team to go along with it. With the firing adds some depth to this Kevin Love quote earlier this week“We have a lot of things to get better at,” said Love. “That’s going to take a lot of guys looking themselves in the mirror, and it all starts with our leader (LeBron James) over there and dwindles on down.”. Interesting that it totally makes sense that he was talking about Blatt now.

I really don’t understand giving Lue a multi-year deal right off the bat. Let him finish out the season and let it play out then go from there. I don’t understand the logic of locking him up now. Firing Blatt while improving team morale still won’t help their offense and the Love and Irving mixture that isn’t gelling. The same thing happened to Chris Bosh when he paired up with Bron and everyone was using him as the scapegoat similarly to Love now. You have to remember that Love got hurt and missed the post season last year then Kyrie got inured in the finals and is just now coming back. So the connection hasn’t had extended time grow with everyone on the floor. If they don’t figure it out soon , I really don’t see them winning against the Spurs or Warriors in the finals.

ESPN’s Top Ten Centers Ever

Lets just dive right into things

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  2. Wilt Chamberlain
  3. Bill Russell
  4. Shaquille O’Neal
  5. Hakeem Olajuwon
  6. Moses Malone
  7. David Robinson
  8. Patrick Ewing
  9. George Mikan
  10. Bill Walton

Not a terrible list but I will be omitting Walton from my list because he just didn’t play enough games. Dwight Howard has played 300 more games than Walton has and Dwight is still chugging along. While it pains me to do so because at his all too short peak he was one of the best center’s to lace em up.

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  2. Wilt Chamberlain
  3. Bill Russell
  4. Hakeem Olajuwon
  5. Shaq
  6. Moses Malone
  7. David Robinson
  8. Patrick Ewing
  9. George Mikan
  10. Willis Reed

North Korea invents alcohol that leaves ‘no hangover’

(ABC News) North Korea has created a hangover-free liquor that is between 30 and 40 per cent alcohol but leaves you clear-headed in the morning, state media says.

The Pyongyang Times said the drink, Koryo Liquor, used a cunning combination of six-year-old, top quality ginseng and “scorched glutinous rice”.

The resulting tipple is a subtle blend of sweet and savoury that is “highly appreciated by experts and lovers as it is suave and causes no hangover”.

According to the state newspaper, the new alcohol “exudes national flavour” and has been registered as a “national scientific and technological hit”.

The brew has already been garlanded with prizes, including top spot at last year’s national liquor show, the article added.

North Korean media has a long record of making extraordinary claims of the country’s achievements in a variety of fields, from medicine to sport and farming.

So this is it, is this how it really ends? Because you better believe that if this really exists thus is how the world will end. North Korea is not having too much luck with their nuclear bombs and cruise missiles so they create an alcohol with no hangover to unleash on the world to cause chaos. It will be chaos in the streets because there will be drunk people all over the place at all times. Most times people don’t go too overboard because of the hangover but not anymore , just drinking without a care in the world. The world has to have checks and balances because without them would result in a breakdown of society , and without the hangover to go along with the boozing to excess those checks and balances cease to exist.

Sean Penn’s interview with El chapo

As many you have already heard Sean Penn sat down with El Chapo for an interview back in October for Rolling Stone, who recently published it. Since then many journalists, publications have come out against Penn saying that he gives a bad name to journalists, that he should be charged because he knew of El Chapo’s whereabouts but did not notify authorities.  Chelsea Handler also said “He’s very funny. He also takes himself very seriously, and I didn’t know he was a journalist — I mean, what the f— is that?”   Add that to the media outlets like Gawker condemning his decision to conduct the interview.

In this day and age with social networking anyone with a smartphone can be a journalists. You don’t need the backing of a publication anymore,you get to hear different voices and point of view you would have never of heard before in the past and that is a great thing. But with that you will also get many more shit writers and trolls but that just comes with the change. But to say someone isn’t a real journalist because they didn’t go to college is laughable. I have seen more stories broken on Twitter versus any network or news publication in the past five years. Thats where stories break, and get picked up now.

Going back to the Penn article , how many of his detractors would have turned down an opportunity to exclusive interview with El Chapo ?  Exactly , it may not be the best piece in the world because El Chapo had the final edit of the interview and it wouldn’t have gotten published otherwise but I give Penn credit because going into the jungle and meeting with one the most dangerous men on the planet has to be frightening. That takes massive balls and he did it, so Penn has my respect.  Sure he can come off as a blow hard sometimes but I just think he gets so passionate about things he can’t help himself.  He was going for a different style of interview and trying to humanize El Chapo and discovering why the way he is and what caused that. Sean has done many great things here in the USA and around the world for the much less fortunate from helping with reliefs efforts in Haiti and in New Orleans after Katrina. So people need to give him a break and try to make the world a better place like he has done before they break out the pitchforks.

$336,000 That’s how much child support Antonio Cromartie of the Jets pays per year

(NY Post) Antonio Cromartie can’t retire from football anytime soon.

The Jets cornerback will have 12 children to support, including the twins who wife Terricka Cason announced last week are on the way.

Besides the two children he already has with Terricka, Cromartie, 31, has eight kids with seven other women across the country. He pays each about $3,500 a month in child support — an estimated $336,000 a year.

That takes up just a small chunk of his guaranteed $7 million salary in 2015. But under a four-year, $32 million contract he signed in March 2015, the rest is not guaranteed. The Jets can cut him loose at any time.

Before settling down with Terricka, an ex-model who co-starred in the 2009 E! reality show “Candy Girls,” Cromartie seduced, impregnated and dumped a string of women across the country, from his high school sweetheart in Tallahassee, Fla., to a corporate lawyer and former Miss Black North Carolina.

Several of the women have taken him to court over custody and financial disputes. A Houston woman who bore two of Cromartie’s daughters has demanded a bigger monthly payment.

And several baby mamas say Cromartie spends little time with his far-flung brood.

“These kids have to Google to find out about their dad,” one told The Post.

330k is a huge sum of money to most people , let alone expensing that much each year for child support. But I honestly thought it would be higher for eight kids plus how much money he makes. So it seems like Antonio got himself a little bargain but that may not last long depending on the courts. It could be worse because I was expecting close to a million if not more so this getting off light. How about Cro just impregnating women in any city he stays for in for more than week. Too bad about him not spending a lot of time with his kids but thats a logistics thing plus he’s got to keep working to pay for all those kids so its kind of a catch 22.

Cro doesn’t discriminate either, you could be Miss Black North Carolina , a corporate attorney , to an E reality show personality. He doesn’t care and will get you pregnant at the drop of a hat. Now here is one the better Hard Knock moments to ever air