The NBA season is a quarter of the way over so here are my observations so far

After 13 years Dwayne Wade has found a 3pt shot. He is taking and making more threes than at any point in his career. He is a 28% for his career and is at 34% this season. Just a necessary addition to his game since he’s getting older and doesn’t get to the rim as much as he used to. He still has one of the best in between games in the league


What is wrong with the T-Wolves? I expected them to be maybe hover around the 8th seed for the playoffs but they have cellar dwelling this season (6-18). Even with the progress of KAT and Wiggins it still hasn’t translated into wins. I think this team would benefit from a roster move or maybe just embrace the tank and get another high pick. But if they were to make a move it would have to be Zach LaVine because they could get the most equal return. He seems to be more aggressive than Wiggins so that will free up more room for Wiggins to operate as he grows. But the downside of that would he is their only consistent perimeter scorer on a team that desperately  needs shooting. Their record mostly has to do with their horrid defense, 27th in the league with a defensive wiz as coach.

The Warriors have looked just as explosive as everyone thought they would and have even come together much faster than excepted. They have shown how dominate they can be even without shooting well when they dusted the Clippers (also their biggest roadblock to another trip to the finals ) last week

They shot 23% from three making only seven of them but ended up winning the game by 17. Since the arrival of Durant only Curry’s shot have dipped the most to an average of almost three fewer per game. Klay is still getting theirs as you can see from his 60pt outburst last week.  Klay is an interesting player  because NO ONE gets scorching hot in a flash quite like him, but you wouldn’t pick him in the top 10 of the best players in the league where efficient scoring comes at a high premium. The only guy really sacrifices is Draymond, he gives up the most out of anyone in terms of scoring so good for him but then again he continues kicking people so screw him.

Since I just mentioned the Clippers this is the perfect time for me to say that they are the hardest team to root for. Simply because they whine constantly, it’s not just one or two of the players but every single one and the maestro behind it all Doc Rivers. Doc thinks the officials are so bad that they would benefit from adding another one out there

Maybe then Doc’s will completely disintegrate and he will be forced to use a robot voice.

Russell Westbrook Westworld has become must watch tv just like the show of the same name . Much like Westworld Russ might be a sophisticated robot too, especially when you look at his historic numbers this season without Durant. His consecutive triple double streak just ended at 7 which is tied for fourth all time alongside Michael Jordan, Oscar Roberston, and the leader with nine Wilt Chamberlain. He’s currently averaging a triple with 31, 11 and 11, if he were to do it for an entire season he would be only the second guy to do so. The hardest stat to keep up for the entire season is the rebounds, he has a similar streak for guys less than 6’5 with consecutive double-digit board games. I just don’t think he can keep it up but if there was ever a guy that could, it would be Russell Westbrook. You hardly see guys with such tenacity and fierce passion in their play every game and I’m glad to be able to watch him dunk all over my Rockets.


Kevin Love is looking like the player of old they way he’s been getting buckets down this year. This is the best he’s looked since joining the Cavs 2 years ago. He also came close to breaking Klay Thompson’s record for most points in a quarter when he had 34 in one quarter against the Blazers. He would have done it too if not for Kyrie trying to get his. Let Lil Kev cook!


The season is only just a quarter over but these teams are already out of the playoff picture.  In the Eastern Conference its the Sixers, Nets and Heat. For the Western Conference it is the Mavs, T-Wolves, Pelicans, Suns and Nuggets. The good thing about some of these teams is that they each have young pieces to build around for the future.

How about the Rockets?! They are playing inspired ball this year because they now have actual shot makers on the team. Like Eric Gordon who has been lights out this year with shooting 44% from three and leads the team in three pointers made off the bench. They also added Ryan Anderson to go along Ariza and Beverly to surround Harden which gives him that ability to rack up those assist numbers. The Rockets lead the league in three pointers made and percentage. Critics will say they still don’t play any defense but hey their offense is so fun and Harden/Capela have the best pick n’ roll in the game now. I think they are one piece away from contending in the West.


Now its time to touch on Kristaps Porzingis aka basketball unicorn , Godzingigs. He’s gotten more comfortable this year and has improved at a scary rate. There has never been a 7’3 guy with his handle , stroke and agility before. He’s quickly becoming the best player on the Knicks supplanting Melo. But for right now its good to have Melo around for his development so he won’t be solely weighed down with the expectations and criticisms that come along with being the guy in NYC. In addition to putting up 20ppg, 7 reb, 1.9 blk every game he is also the leading rim protector going by defensive field goal percentage. Can you imagine the mismatches they can create if he got played center?!  The Knicks could have saved so much cap space without signing Joakim. If there is one thing you can count on the Knicks doing is wasting money on washed players but c’est la vie.


On December 15th teams can trade players that were signed this summer, while most if not all these guys won’t be moved. These are the players who I think will get moved sooner than later- Greg Monroe , Brandon Knight , Donatas Montiejunas,Nerlens Noel, Zach LaVine, Rudy Gay, CJ McCollum and finally Boogie Cousins.

My early MVP’s are Westbrook, Harden, Bron, Durant,and Chris Paul in that order.

Happy Holidays