Preacher goes out with a Bang

Preacher ended its inaugural season this past Sunday in bombastic fashion where it sets the table for an intriguing season 2. I haven’t seen many people talking about how good and strange in a good way (its much stranger than ‘Stranger Things’ ) this show is and i wanted to change that.

If you’re not familiar with ‘Preacher’ its about a west Texas preacher Jesse Custer that becomes possessed by an otherworldly force which may be a mix of good and evil. He soon finds out that it gives him the power to control people with just his words. Shortly after he’s joined by his bad bitch ex Tulip (who is my favorite character on the show and Ruth Negga is primed for stardom). Rounding out the three musketeers is Cassidy who lands in Annville and quickly becomes best friends with Jesse, and Cassidy happens to be a foul mouthed vampire from Dublin who loathes the Big Lebowski. Quickly all three become entrenched in a battle between Heaven and Hell and all that lies in the middle.



Preacher is a weird, funny, violent , mysterious , romantic, a little meandering and surprisingly jarring at times. You won’t get a lot of answers or why’s and be left scratching your head but don’t fret too much because it won’t hinder your ability to enjoy it. The best way to watch this show is to just sit back and enjoy without worrying about the questions you will have because they won’t even matter by the end of the first season. Preacher excelled the most when the three electrifying leads were paired on screen together. This will be a strong foundation for season 2 when Preacher and crew take the show on the road in search of the all powerful who has gone missing while they are being pursued by deadly forces. By taking Preacher on the road it will remove the parts that didn’t work so well this season like the small town politics  for one and focus solely on the parts that worked the best (Cassidy, Jesse, Tulip) and give them more freedom in an open world which is where the comic actually begins its own story.  Plus there is a guy named Arseface who looks like this


get it?

So give it a chance , you can watch all the episodes here