New Week , Fresh Things

These past few days I have come across some new content that I found really dope so without further ado lets get to it.

First is Catastrophe a show on Amazon Prime about an American who travels to London for business then meets a local schoolteacher, they have a weekend fling resulting in a pregnancy and the show starts from there. The one aspect of the show that really makes it stand out from its peers is the title characters Sharon & Rob interact with one another. You may recognize Rob as Rob Delaney from twitter where he is a great follow.  Usually in sitcoms you see the characters reacting to situations to get laughs but with Catastrophe you seem them making each other laugh. Often using their humor with each other as a short hand for people who really convey they care about one another. They both know the other is funny so they try to best each other and its really charming to take in. The how the humor takes you in and relaxes you its easier for them to tackle deeper issues people have in relationships all while being sneakily emotional. Because of the humor they are able to delve into heavier subjects you would not find yourself normally laughing it. It really feels like a peak into two people’s lives without being over the top and that is a very welcome change of pace. The second season just came out, they are 30min each with only 6 episodes per season. So basically its shorter than a lot of movies these days. Who has time to sit down for a three hour movie anyways? No need film industry, no need. Yes I know its the season 2 trailer but it doesn’t give away much and it’s better cut than S1.


The second thing I want to get to is Action Bronson’s Mr. Wonderful. Let it run while you read the rest

It came out last year around this time but this bangs so hard with his distinct New York Flavor (Queens stand up!) and the production on it is flames with the likes of Mark Ronson, and 40 blessing some tracks. Just put the Ghostface comparisons out of your mind and listen to it. I first remember Action because of the  Rare Chandeliers album cover is what made me take notice


I then started watching him on Vice Eats a couple of years ago and he’s very entertaining on camera and really offers some professional insight into the food. He’s able to speak about so eloquently and passionately because he is a trained chef. When Vice Eats became a hit he then moved onto Munchies another channel to continue it and now finally he’s back with Vice with “F*CK That’s Delicious” which is the same premise but just longer and I’m not complaining because its a very fun and informative watch with that flair only Action can provide.

Here’s some more artwork I like


Shouout FRKO the man behind the art.


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