Bulls on Parade-Texans Make Moves

It has been busy free agency period up to this point with some big names on the move and the Texans had some major needs to address of their own. Turns out they did just that and went out and splashed some cash. Here’s what they did

Following are the free agents the Texans have signed (4):

G Jeff Allen (6-4, 306) Unrestricted (Kansas City)
C Tony Bergstrom (6-5, 315) Unrestricted (Oakland)
RB Lamar Miller (5-10, 225) Unrestricted (Miami)
QB Brock Osweiler (6-8, 240) Unrestricted (Denver)


Following are the players the Texans have re-signed (6):

G/T Jeff Adams (6-7, 305) Contract Extension
T Chris Clark (6-5, 305) Unrestricted
CB Charles James (5-9, 179) Contract Extension
P Shane Lechler (6-2, 237) Unrestricted
K Nick Novak (6-0, 198) Unrestricted
S Eddie Pleasant (5-10, 210) Free Agent


Following are the players the Texans have made qualifying offers to (2):

CB A.J. Bouye (6-0, 191) Restricted
OLB John Simon (6-1, 252) Restricted



Good for the Texans for going out and getting an QB that has actual potential of being good. This is the best prospect they have had since Carr but the difference is Brock got to sit behind Peyton for the past few seasons. He got to show a little bit this year when he started 7 games where he threw for ok numbers in his first chance at starting multiple games.

But the thing I have to wonder is why would the Broncos let him walk away when Manning has retired? It could be that they thought he wasn’t good enough to warrant that amount of money when their defense is the real star of the team and probably figure they just can plug /play a veteran in there. Not a bad thought since Peyton was completely washed this year and they won it all. Another possibility is that Brock holds some ill will with the organization after they went all in with Manning after 7 games of him starting. Resulting in being benched, hung out to dry and made out to be the fault guy for their late season struggles. Now that might stick with you as a player when it comes to sign a new contract. So when he got offered not as much as he thought he would be getting he bolted. Can’t fault the guy. In the NFL a lot of the time systems make players so with the Broncos and Texans having very similar team styles and makeup it only made sense. Von Miller also praised his leadership qualities and compared them to Manning’s for what thats worth. He has the tools to be successful and There wasn’t a better move the Texans could have made because Watt , and Hopkins are in their primes and they don’t have time to wait around for a rookie to come in right away. Especially picking at #22 in the draft. Yeah its a lot of guaranteed money at 30+ million but you have to risks and if not you can just cut him in two years.

They also signed Lamar Miller from what I have seen of him he has big play potential and catching ability, no idea why he wasn’t seeing more carries with the Dolphins but then again they continue to trot out Tannehill every week. Which will be much needed with Arian Foster gone. They also addressed some needs on the OL after losing some guys particularly center Ben Jones to the Titans. So lets hope Brock doesn’t completely suck and is better than the walking concussion Hoyer.


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