Running Scared: An Overlooked Gem

Running Scared was released in 2006 starring Paul Walker and the beautiful Vera Farmiga. It is an action thriller with the russian mob,mafia ,Paul Walker, video game violence, a russian guy who won’t stop quoting John Wayne, Vera Farming tushy sprinkled with some Tarantino and Tony Scott flavor. So if those ingredients intrigue your palate read on to see how much you will enjoy the final course.

Running Scared tells the tale of a low level enforcer for the mob who tries to track down and dispose of a stolen gun that was used in a botched robbery to kill some dirty cops. Set in New Jersey it opens with Walker and his crew about to finish a drug deal when suddenly a team of masked men storm in like the KGB in the 80’s and start killing people left and right. They get ready to execute Walker’s crew when one of them pulls out his backup and shoots the dick off of one of the masked men. Now when you have a dick getting shot off in the first two minutes you are in for a wild roller coaster ride. Now the gun used in the shooting to kill the dirty cops was given to Paul to be disposed of.

Instead of getting rid of the gun right away Paul goes home to wife and kid son at home. He hides the gun in his house then gets back to the real issue at hand, which is Vera and her tight tush which I will not post here because its a family site.

JK here it is


The ass that sets the movie in motion in all its glory. It is not the first time her derriere has played the part in a major story, you may remember it from ‘The Departed’ with Leo. There is only one way to describe it and my friend Al did it best

Of course when Paul is getting busy (respect bruv) the gun is stolen by his son’s friend who also happens to be the neighbor. The son’s friend uses the gun on his abusive stepfather and now the chase is on. From this point on it becomes a game of cat and mouse trying track down the gun as it changes hands over the course of the night. It passes through the hands of everyone from the neighbor who stole it, a janitor, a mechanic  to a Mac Daddy Pimp  just to name a few. The supporting characters are excellent and really excel and are able to really chew the scenery. The way the villains are portrayed with such rich emotion and imagery it kind of feels like a fairy tale. This can be seen when Vera who is not just there as a pretty face has to roll up her sleeves and go to work to go get the missing missing neighbor kid from a very opportunistic and  definitely the most evil pair of the entire film. For example when the kid is hiding in the bathroom trying to call for help when you see the silhouette of the couple walk behind him to reveal what they truly are…monsters.

Little details like that are what really elevates this from many similar movies. Its a two hour fast paced thriller with one of the most wicked climax scenes at a hockey rink that will give you new appreciation for ‘Red Ice’. From the beginning this movie will grab your attention like the first drop on a roller coaster and it will careen you through many loops , twists before coming to a smooth end that will have you craving to watch it again. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.



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