Music and Lyrics: Overlooked Gem of the Week

Music and lyrics came out in 2007 starring one of the greatest Rom Com actors of all time in Hugh Grant and the free spirited party child Drew Barrymore who’s been in everything E.T. to Scream to Charlie’s Angels and the Sandler movies including one of his best  50 First Dates. She also does the cutest side mouth thing when she talks.drew

Oh, and 90’s Drew was throwing some serious heat

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.03.56 PM.png

Back to the movie , its about a has been 80’s pop group Pop modeled after the real life duo Wham! Fast Forward 20 years and he’s now performing high school reunions , state fairs.

He has a nice apartment on the Upper East Side along with a healthy love of potted plants that need watering. So with his work schedule busy he hires someone to water his plants and in walks Drew Barrymore being clumsy and adorable as usual.  Hugh has been struggling to still book the same amount of gigs as in years past so when a huge pop star happens to come across one of his old records and loves it , he has a chance to get reintroduced to the new generation. The catch is he has less than 48 hours to write a song and deliver it to her before she leaves the city.

His agent hooks him up with a popular industry songwriter  and he comes over to work on the song. Then in walks in Drew again and she starts to go about watering the plants when she starts to sing along to music in the background. On one verse she happens to sing  little too loud so they Hugh and the songwriter hears her. Hugh then puts her lyric into the song and thinks it works better but the songwriter disagrees then ends up leaving. So Hugh and Drew have to come up with the song and from that point she is rooted in his life.

Hugh and Drew sound surprisingly well even though I’m sure they got some help and the original songs they come up with in the are really good , see for yourself


It continues from there and to see the growth from Drew’s character into a real lyricist in addition to see how their relationship blossoms throughout the movie. Its really funny with plenty of dry humor , Hugh is charming usual added with the behind the scenes look music production and you end up having one very unique Rom Com and one of my favorites.


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