Where are the Rockets Now?

As the trade deadline came to a close this afternoon the Rockets roster looked somewhat different but not what many predicted with Dwight Howard still around. The moves they did make were sending out Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton to the Pistons in exchange for a 1st round pick that is Top 8 protected (if the Pistons get inside the top 8 of the draft the Rockets lose the pick and receive the following year’s pick).  Pretty good haul considering D-Mo has only played 14 games this year. With Thornton on the way out it opens up some minutes for KJ Mcdaniels. He’s a multi tool guy so it will be interesting to see what he can do with the opportunity.

I was stunned to see no one want Dwight Howard though, especially with the season half over and how Dwight has played the last two postseasons. They did receive some interest from a few other teams but the Rockets wanted more in return than what they were getting.

So it wasn’t for want of trying a deal didn’t get done. The Rockets tried to deal with a 25% of the league but ultimately they all fell through because Howard would not want to opt into the final year of the deal , instead becoming a free agent this summer. No team wouldn’t want to give up anything for a rental of Howard just for to him walk in 40 games. You cant blame him either because the cap will be rising this summer thus meaning a bigger deal for him if he waits.  One potential that came out was the Charlotte offer of Al Jefferson and Spencer Hawes for Howard. Not bad but its better than nothing which is exactly what the Rockets will be left with when Dwight walks this summer. Its unfortunate that Harden is so hard to pair with a big man, ultimately it comes down getting a better point guard so Harden can relenquish a lot of the ball handling duties to play more off of the ball. I hope that is where this team is headed. In Dork Elvis we trust…

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