Walking Dead Premiere Quick Thoughts

I watched it a second time so I could live take it…

and here we go.gif

  1. The charismatic evil biker guy working for Neegan talking a big game right now
  2. What a save , I for sure thought Sasha was getting it—OH SHIT
  3. WHAT HAPPENED?! BazooKA Daryl in the house ! walking-dead-rocket-laucher.gifwalking-dead-bike-explosion.gif xltfqrqbvb2vckorstkp.jpg
  4. “Nibble on that” Abraham says to the severed head of the biker cell 
  5. Man, depressed bowl cut has a had a rough go but he’s such a drag 
  6. Father Gabriel stepping up? Are the tides finally turning for him?
  7. Sam says he can keep going through walkers is laughable, this should end well
  8. I think hate Ron more than Sam, and thats saying a lot. Such a squid 
  9. Edith and Glenn are a really strong combo
  10. Creepy Wolves guy is such a psycho but it looks he really likes his hostage Denise
  11. Glenn Speech! I’m pumped , I’ll fight side by side to the end with you dawg!
  12. Edith is all in after that speech of course 
  13. Gotta give it to him, the Wolves guy plays a creep so fucking well. My skin crawled as he glared at her with those black pools for eyes 
  14. Long commercial break that its night time for Rick and Crew doing the buddy system through walkers. 
  15. Aw Sam is losing it, Carol doomed him. Playing the long game like a boss
  16. Sam has STOPPED. Oh no he’s losing it annnnnnd so long Sam walking-dead-sam-bite.gif
  17. Hot mom stop screaming over your lame son. Aw shit goodbye Hot Mom, should of listened to Rick sooner walking-dead-jessie-gone.gif
  18. WTF Ron, why a point a gun at Rick . 
  19. I wish Michonne would’ve lopped his melon off instead walking-dead-ron-shot.gif
  20. Damn  Carl that’s gonna sting in the morning walking-dead-carl-eye.gif
  21. I can sense it…its coming… the “CorALLL” by Rick. I wonder how many times he will say it
  22. Eugene trying to man up and getting shot down is so emasculating to watch
  23. I wonder if Eugene is a Fop or a Dapper Dan kind of man? That has to be the only answer for how his mullet stays so on point during the zombie apacolpsye. 
  24. Aw Wolves guy going back for her, he changed. Chop his arm off daisy! 
  25. Carol Vs. Morgan…who’s side to take?!
  26. Carol’s of course carol-morgan
  27. Daisy flashing the bedroom eyes at her former captor 
  28. Carol from the top ropes! She snipes the Wolves guy
  29. Daisy shook that off quick when she saw CorALLLL coming in not looking to great doing his best Fetty Wap impersonation 
  30. OH YES, Rick has flipped the Savage switch. No one goes as hard as Rick does when  gets into his zone
  31. Where does Rick get all this energy from? He’s truly the chosen one
  32. Michonne right behind him. When are Rick and Michonne going together? Power couple like you read about
  33. Rick is destroying so many walkers he is inspiring everyone to come out and go nuts
  34. Father Gabriel has turned it around. He’s seeing the light. Good Job Carver father-gabriel-redeemed.jpg
  35. Glen and Maggie are so ride or die for each other
  36. Oh nO Glenn , not again. Maggie’s screams break my heart 
  37. WHOA! Abraham doing his best Daryl impression  coming out of nowhere with the assault rifle to save Glenn from certain peril (good joke writers) 
  38. Abraham has had the best one liners this episode and he’s nailing them abraham-pal
  39. Daryl always has a plan 
  40. How did so many walkers gather together so densely like this? Did they all come from a Kelly Clarkson concert back in 09 at the Georgia State Fair? I guess we may never know
  41. Man, the bazooka is really a game changer 
  42. The hacking montage was really good walking-dead-kill-montage
  43. All it took was three “CorALL” ‘s by Rick to bring Carl out of his coma .

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