Overlooked Movie of the Week: Goon

Goon is about Sean William Scott who’s been labeled an outcast by his brainy family, he works as a bouncer but doesn’t really know what to do. So one night his childhood friend Jay brings him to a minor league hockey game, when an enforcer on the visiting team comes into the stands and gets into with Sean who proceeds to knock him the fuck out.

As a result of that he gets a tryout with the local team and makes it despite not being able to shoot or skate very well. He’s strictly out there as an enforcer.  He does so well in his new role he gets called up to the Halifax farm team, one step below the NHL to protect a young star player.

Goon plays like part Rocky and part Bad News Bears but with much more violence, and very colorful language. While being violent and crude Goon still manages to have a lot of heart throughout. You will be cracking up from the one liners , saying “OH SHIT!” from the knockouts and maybe even shedding a tear along they way you heartless bitch. If that sounds like your kind of movie don’t wait any longer and pull it up on Netflix.




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