Houston Rockets Roundup


Since the start of the year the Rockets are 9-3 with a pair of win streaks mixed in.  Compared to the month of November when they lost 8 and December when they lost 7. It finally looks like the team is hitting their groove and they can’t be seen from their play. Also having recently traded for Josh Smith (Dwight’s childhood friend) who was a catalyst last season for them in the playoffs in the Clippers series.  The Clippers basically gave him away for nothing most likely because there was friction between Doc Rivers and him about playing time. Josh has been in the dog house and hasn’t payed more than a couple of minutes since December 19th. He gets traded on Thursday and goes out on Sunday for the Rockets then drops 16, 3, 2, 2,2 in 20 minutes. Smith is one the true 5 pts, 5 rb, 5 stls, 5 blks, 5 asst type of players. He can do it all and has the size to go with it. This was a very important move to make with D-Mo dealing with his back injury and trying to rehab and get back out there. Dwight has also been taking off more this year so the Smith trade couldn’t have come at a better time for the Rockets. Look at this move he had on the Mavs this past Sunday

Even Hakeem would smile at that.

Now onto Harden who has been dogging at times this season but lately the guy is playing superb and putting up numbers very few have managed to do. In just his past five games he has been averaging almost a triple double with 28.2 points, 10.2 rebounds, 9.6 assists with a PER of 31.7!!! And just like that all the chatter about him goes away when he starts playing like he should. Look at his splits


Looking even better this month than last year in his  MVP caliber season.  Ty Lawson has also shown signs of a pulse which is a step in the right direction. The trade deadline is coming up and I know Morey is working the phones, I have heard that Lawson and Jones are available.




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