North Korea invents alcohol that leaves ‘no hangover’

(ABC News) North Korea has created a hangover-free liquor that is between 30 and 40 per cent alcohol but leaves you clear-headed in the morning, state media says.

The Pyongyang Times said the drink, Koryo Liquor, used a cunning combination of six-year-old, top quality ginseng and “scorched glutinous rice”.

The resulting tipple is a subtle blend of sweet and savoury that is “highly appreciated by experts and lovers as it is suave and causes no hangover”.

According to the state newspaper, the new alcohol “exudes national flavour” and has been registered as a “national scientific and technological hit”.

The brew has already been garlanded with prizes, including top spot at last year’s national liquor show, the article added.

North Korean media has a long record of making extraordinary claims of the country’s achievements in a variety of fields, from medicine to sport and farming.

So this is it, is this how it really ends? Because you better believe that if this really exists thus is how the world will end. North Korea is not having too much luck with their nuclear bombs and cruise missiles so they create an alcohol with no hangover to unleash on the world to cause chaos. It will be chaos in the streets because there will be drunk people all over the place at all times. Most times people don’t go too overboard because of the hangover but not anymore , just drinking without a care in the world. The world has to have checks and balances because without them would result in a breakdown of society , and without the hangover to go along with the boozing to excess those checks and balances cease to exist.


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