In the least surprising news of the day-Linda Tripp reveals Bill Clinton had affairs with ‘thousands of women’

(DailyMail) One-time Monica Lewinsky friend gives rare radio interview, says Hillary Clinton knew her husband had multiple affairs during presidency
Tripp, who secretly taped Lewinsky’s phone calls and exposed them, says then-president had serial affairs that included ‘thousands of women’
Tripp also claims Hillary Clinton tried to destroy women with whom he had affairs, says she went public to save Lewinsky from danger

No one should be surprised by this, the man’s nickname is Slick Willie for Christ’s sake. You just don’t get fall into that kind of nickname, it is bestowed upon you after putting your willie into so many chicks that it is perpetually in a state of slickness. Of Course Hilary was trying to destroy women who got with Bill, she doesn’t want that going public. She’s a ride or die type of woman and that much is clear, kind of like Frank and Clair Underwood relationship.  Slick Willie is one of the coolest cats ever and Tripp’s quotes just cement that…never change Bill.



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