Chipotle is shutting down all its stores to go over safety with employees

(CNN) Chipotle is shutting down all its stores nationwide for a few hours next month to hold staff meetings about food safety. The meeting will occur on February 8. Chipotle (CMG) has suffered from several outbreaks of E. coli , salmonella and norovirus that poisoned customers and caused its stock price to plunge more than a third over the last three months. The company has projected an 8% drop in sales for the fourth quarter. Chipotle will provide its quarterly financial results on February 2. But CEO Steve Ells said earlier this week that he was “hopeful” the Centers for Disease Control would soon declare that the outbreaks were over. “We know that Chipotle is as safe as it’s ever been before,” said Ells on Jan. 13 at a conference in Orlando. He said that Chipotle is planning to lure back customers with a new marketing campaign in February.

First Blue Bell now this, some of America’s favorite brands are going through an outbreak rough patch. At least with Blue Bell there was only a few plants so it was easier to trace but this  Chipotle thing is more wide spread making it look like normal procedure across all their stores.  So they will be closing their stores in February to go over food safety which you would think they wouldn’t need to do in the first place but here we are. They have been gaining so much steam with opening up new stores in recent years it looks like they just started to get sloppy. But don’t worry they will lure all of us back with a new marketing campaign ! Thats the ticket, just put out a new jingle to make everyone forget about your unsafe food.  How about adding queso to the menu, that would be a great start . Its not even that great of a place, I really don’t get it.


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