New movies/shows On the Horizon

I normally don’t post many previews because they are so many coming out everyday but these few really caught my eye and I’m eager to see if they can deliver.


The McConaissance is in still full effect and we haven’t our fellow Texan since Interstellar so he’s busy been busy making a few project since then and this is the first one that will get released in May.  It takes in place in during the Civil War and has kind of ‘The Patriot’  vibe to it. It has a good message behind it , showing that coming together as one be will be vital to preserving our way of life, also while displaying what it will take for true freedom and justice to exist in this country.



Dirty cop drama with Woody Harrelson and Kate Winslet as this big bad? I’m fucking sold. I can’t get enough crime thrillers and this one has an excellent cast including Aaron Paul, Micheal  K. Williams (Omar from The Wire) and Daryl from the TWD. With the underrated Casey Affleck and some character supporting actors that always kill it no matter the role, I’m looking at you Clifton Collins J! They kind of gave away a spoiler (stop doing this with trailers, just throw random scenes in trailer) with the cop but I doubt I will remember it when it comes out so whatever.


This is the best Clooney I have seen Clooney since that time I got my hopes up with the Monuments Men.  Now he isn’t directing this time so that should be a good thing but Jodie Foster is. I haven’t seen her since she was putting on a leg show around the time Elysium came out

so fit



Finally we have a new show with Aaron Paul, yeah bitch! It looks like he joins a cult and has second thoughts or something while getting it on with Michelle Monaghan (niiiice). Hugh Dancy  who I didn’t quite recognize at first as charismatic leader of this new faith. Too bad Hannibal ended but it wouldn’t be long until we saw him again. Hopefully Aaron can find a home with this show and show what we all know he’s capable of. He hasnt been able to that really with his recent film roles. Plus it has Minka Kelly.




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