ESPN’S Top Ten Point Guards Ever has be trolling right?

(ESPN) The NBA is a point guard’s paradise these days, so let’s start All-Time #NBArank with our pantheon points.

To create All-Time #NBArank, we put together a ballot with the 150 greatest players ever, factoring in peak and career value. Then our ESPN expert panel voted on thousands of head-to-head matchups, resulting in an all-time NBA Top 100.

  1. Magic Johnson
  2. Oscar Robertson
  3. John Stockton
  4. Steph Curry
  5. Isiah Thomas
  6. Chris Paul
  7. Steve Nash
  8. Jason Kidd
  9. Walt Frazier
  10. Bob Cousy


Espn is doing another ranking of the all time guys and this one had to be a troll to get some traffic right? I know thats been there shtick now for awhile. First off having Curry at #4 is a huge reach. Give him some time and he see how he does before getting the 4 spot. Chris Paul is way too high too, he’s a great player but not the sixth best ever. Now let me show the correct top 10 ever…

  1. Magic Johnson
  2. Oscar Robertson
  3. Isiah Thomas
  4. John Stockton
  5. Steve Nash
  6. Jason Kidd
  7. Walt Frazier
  8. Steph Curry
  9. Tony Parker
  10. Nate Archibald




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