Texans Post Season Wrap Up

30-0, Welp not much to be said there, they got totally dominated in every aspect of the game. Hats off to the Chiefs. So moving on, it is very hard to get a playoff win in the NFL. Going back to before this weekend’s games  there were two teams the Chiefs who have not won a game in 22 years and the Bengals who have gone 24 years without a playoff win.  Then next comes in the Lions, Browns, Bills, who have all gone 20 years or very close to it without a playoff win as well. In that same span of time the Texans have won twice, albeit against the Bengals but a win is a win nonetheless. Hoping that Clowney and Watt are healthy next season , because if they are that is an elite front with Mercilus. Just please no more Hoyer, I can’t do it again.

Looking at this season as a whole it doesn’t seem as bad as it was early in the season. I know many people thought the they had no chance at the playoffs but they rallied and played really well down the stretch and made it. Many teams would love to just to get into the playoffs and have a chance. So its more a bittersweet season and give the fans something to look forward to because with a few of the right pieces this team can get very interesting.  Now its getting those pieces that is the hard part. I just hope they can address the qb situation and get a young guy that can deliver.  By getting in the playoffs kind of limited them in drafting one of the Goff’s and Lynch’s of the world. So its up to Rick Smith again to find that guy.


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