A few takes from the Golden Globes

This won’t be a recap of the show but just a few things I caught about it.

First off congrats to Mr. Robot on winning best drama. Beating out the likes of Game of Thrones , Empires and Narcoooooooos to take home the Best TV drama. It couldn’t be more well deserved for a such a powerful show. Christian Slater also won for Best Supporting Actor, so just a huge night for the show. Do yourself a favor and just watch it now without reading about it. It was my favorite show of the Year. Just to prove success brings more success look at who the show’s creator Sam Esmail

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.23.28 PM.png

This nerdy looking guy is engaged to


To Emmy Rossum, aka Fiona from Shameless who likes to go tits out for the boys a lot in that show. Good for him and she introduced him to the star of Mr. Robot so thats a great origin story.

Secondly, these ladies are still bringing their fastball and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

J.Lo forever and ever. She should be a national treasure. Cliche but she does indeed age like a fine wine. Hats off

Pow! Check out the abs on Kate Hudson, keeping it right and keeping it tight. Hasn’t lost any off of her heater and add the choker to it and you know she’s a dick wrecker.

Gill City, Population Helen Mirren. The dame is 70 and looks a good 15 years younger and she’s been enchanting for a long time and continues to do so.




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