How the hell did 49er’s coach Jim Tomsula make 14 mil this season?

(NBC Sports) The 49ers will pay Jim Tomsula $14 million for his one season as head coach.

Tomsula, who was fired after the season finale on Sunday, will get every cent of the $14 million in his four-year contract, 49ers owner Jed York said.

“I would say this: We’ve got several years of Jimmy T’s salary left and we’re going to eat it,” York said. “Whether he’s coaching somewhere else or not, we owe him that. That’s not a concern.”

With Tomsula making $14 million for one 5-11 season, the 49ers will end up paying Tomsula $2.8 million per victory as 49ers head coach. Jim Harbaugh, the coach York ran off to make room for the more compliant Tomsula, was a relative bargain at about $400,000 per victory.

Its that time of year again when NFL coaches start getting fired and begin to get recycled around the league. Now people were not expecting much from the Niners this season mostly due to the fact that Jim Harbaugh left to go to Michigan and that Kaepernick started to regress in his play. To go along with the early retirement of several prominent players. But to sign Tomsula who’s never been a head coach to a 4 year deal worth 14 mil seemed a little rush. But then for the team to go 5-11 and then fire the coach not even a year after you signed him seems ludicrous. I get that these teams are overflowing with money and winning comes second to none to some franchises. I don’t know how niner fans can willingly buy tickets to games knowing that the management just tosses millions of dollars away after a year only to go out and sign another coach for next season. Two coaches for the price of one!

Now Tomsula was making 3.5 million year which is tied for the cheapest coach in the league, so I guess the wins he did get were at quite the bargain. When I was looking up the list of coach’s salaries something struck me even harder than Tomsula’s deal and thats

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 11.38.48 AM.png

Jeff Fisher coming in at number 4! Have the Rams even sniffed the playoffs since Kurt Warner? I’m not sure anyone has gotten more leeway in the NFL than Fisher has, a total mediocre coach who gets paid like a top coach.



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