The End of The Knick?

I’ll be sad to see the Knick go in its current form because it was one of the most interesting, dynamic shows around these past couple of seasons.If you don’t watch the show it takes a look at the professional and personal lives of the staff at New York’s Knickerbocker Hospital during the early 1900’s. With a wonderful cast from established stars Clive Owen to newcomers Juliet Rylance and Eve Hewson. Its made by Steven Soderbergh  so you can expect a high quality product.

The show intertwines so many stories and themes  its a joy to watch unfold. Going from Algernon’s triumphs in medicine but struggles trying to get respected by his peers  and the city being the black assistant Chief Surgeon at the Knick to Cornelia trying to break the mold, be her own woman in a world where women are not even allowed to vote. To Herman Barrow who is the General Manager of the Knick and perhaps one of the most cunning, despicable characters I have the memory of watching. You will also follow the captivatingly beautiful Nurse Elkins who is new to the city from the mountains of West Virginia that we see grow into her own, who draws the attention of the young, wide eyed  surgeon Bertie Chickering. Along with the scene stealers of the series the ambulance driver Clearly and the nun  Sister Harriet. Finally the ever luminescent Dr. Thackery, the driving force and life blood of the show. The Chief surgeon at the Knickerbocker Hospital, highly talented, respected surgeon who is pioneering new procedures. However, he is also a drug addict, regularly injecting cocaine during the day and spending nights at a Chinatown opium den. But lets be honest if you weren’t partying in Chinatown back in the opium days you weren’t really living, looking at you Nurse Elkins!

I don’t want to get too spoiler heavy , I just want to show my appreciation for one of my top shows of the year. From showing the missteps made by some in the medical field to the discovery of new treatments and procedures was something that I have not seen done before. Now adding that to Thackery, Algernon and co. you get something special. This show has some of the most interesting shots and music design by the director and it just elevates the whole production.

The series was only intended to be a two season arc but now Cinemax has ordered a script for a third. I don’t know how they will carry over but I hope they go the Fargo route and tell a complete different story. I thought season 2 could stayed a little more inside of the hospital and it would have served it better but other than that I look forward to watching this again in the future.

Team Bertie for life.




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