Oregon Militiamen Asking for Snacks, Socks

(People) It’s hard to mount on occupation on an empty stomach.

Despite claims that the armed militiamen who are occupying a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service building in Oregon are set up for a lengthy stay, Facebook posts from some of the men and their supporters are asking for supplies, including “snacks and energy drinks.”

While Ammon Bundy initially told The Oregonian that his group was ready to occupy the building “for years, absolutely,” posts are circulating on social media that are asking for, among other things, cold weather supplies (including socks) and the aforementioned snacks and energy drinks on behalf of the group.

The “Militia” aka terrorists need snacks because they forgot to pack them along with their guns and camo. How dare these guys ask for mail to be sent to them at the government building they forcibly took over and are threatening to use deadly force. Seems like fundamental camping stuff to know that you have to get ample snacks and socks before even leaving. Kind of makes me thinks a lot of these guys are just posers that like to pose with their guns. Honestly the government needs to come in with tanks and personnel and treat them like any other terrorist that wants to operate in the United States. Funny how no matter how different people may seem to be in our crazy world but ultimately everyone just wants to have comfy feet and a pantry full of delicious snacks.


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