Dwight Howard Unhappy in Houston; Headed to Miami?

(Sheridan Hoops)  Dwight Howard is extremely unhappy in Houston playing second fiddle to alpha dog James Harden, multiple league sources tell SheridanHoops.com. And with the Rockets underachieving more than any NBA team, look for them to try to move Howard later this season.

And the destination that makes the most sense is Miami in a trade centered around Hassan Whiteside.

It makes so much sense, in fact, that I will go so far as to predict that Howard will be wearing a Miami Heat uniform by the end of February.

This prediction is based upon the fact that the Heat, as colleague Michael Scotto is reporting today, are trying to get the Sacramento Kings to part with DeMarcus Cousins, offering a  package of Whiteside, rookie Justise Winslow and cap filler to make the salaries match. Chicago and Boston also are actively making offers for Cousins.

Do it! Please dooo it. This team has looked like shit after coming together so well last year in the playoffs. Harden is out of shape, Dwight doesn’t get any touches and Lawson cannot find his role on offense. Better to cut bait while you can and get some pieces going forward. Another reason for that is Dwight can opt out this summer and leave the Rockets with nothing.

Hassan Whiteside has come on really strong this year and will most certainly command a lot of money on the free agent market this summer, money that the Heat will not be able to match. So it makes sense for the Heat to move Whiteside while you can. If the Rockets could get Winslow in the deal too that would be very promising.  I would hope for the deal to get made sooner than later but it will most likely get dragged out until closer to the trade deadline and restrictions are taken off of players that signed this summer.

How is Howard not happy? He wanted to be a star in LA and couldn’t hack it with Kobe and wanted out. Then came to the Rockets and paired with Harden, had a couple of really good seasons then you hear the rumblings. What more does he want? He’s not the same guy from 2010 and has been on a steady decline ever since. Time to move forward. I would want Boogie Cousins preferably so maybe that can happen.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 5.41.47 PM

Who says no?!


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