Ole Miss lineman Robert Nkemdiche charged with marijuana possession after falling out of a hotel window

(ABC News) After arriving on the scene, police searched the room from which Nkemdiche fell at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead, Georgia, on Saturday night. According to the incident report, the investigating officer discovered “seven rolled marijuana cigarettes, rolled in Cigarillo Blunt papers” and reported that “the room was in complete disarray.”



As the days go by more and more information begin to trickle out about this story which is pretty strange. Reports said he broke a window , climbed out of it and somehow ended up fallling to the floor below. Now when you read that you may be wondering what leads up to something like that and the answer is fake weed. That potpourri looking stuff thats sold in gas stations that causes god knows what to happen to your body all while making a good number of people that use it very paranoid, and suffer hallucinations. So obviously Bob saw some scary mystical creature in his room and nope’d the fuck outta there. If after falling through bushes and landing on the cold hard pavement wasn’t enough he got arrested to boot so of course the police search his room and bingo bango they find SEVEN pre rolled ‘marijuana cigarettes’. My man where you planning on going? Besides getting your R. Kelly on later that night.

Such a shame too, especially being one of the top prospect for the upcoming NFL draft. Only if you could’ve seen what happens when you abuse fake weed up close..OH whats that? Your brother has been MIA since getting found on the roof of his house wrapped in a blanket trying get away from someone chasing him. Sounds awfully familiar. Clean it up Bob, you hear this every year getting close to the draft about a prospect doing something knuckle headed and end up costing themselves money. Get yourself some help and stay away from fake weed mmkay.



PeeplesChamp21 coming in hot with the scoop! Wow if thats true and he fell 3 stories then popped up back and fell another story, he’s lucky to be still walking much less breathing.


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