Texans playoff hopes still alive

After the one sided defeat last night at the hands of the Patriots the Texans fell to 6-7 overall while losing quarterback Brian Hoyer to a concussion. With the team already hobbled with JJ Watt playing with a broken hand it seems that team caught the injury bug again after losing Arian Foster to an achilles tear a few weeks ago. But not all is lost especially with the Colts getting demolished by the Jaguars of Jacksonville to the tune of 500 51 to 16 giving the Texans the lead in the AFC south which comes with a guaranteed playoff spot. With their remaining games being at Indy, at Tennessee and finally at home against the Jaguars. Their best bet for the playoffs would be winning the division because right now they are behind the Bills and Steelers are ahead of them in wild card hunt. But in a sport like football were the margins of winning/losing are so thin it would make Karl Lagerfeld blush , in the driver’s seat controlling your own destiny is where you want to be.


PS. Unless TJ Yates is driving the car, then yes go ahead worry and get ready for the draft Texan fans.


PPS. Clowney is coming on as of late so there’s something to look forward to along with the draft.


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