Ben Affleck gets HUGE Back Tattoo and its the most absurd thing I have ever seen

(DailyMail) Ben Affleck unveiled a surprisingly massive back tattoo while in a gaping hospital gown on the Los Angeles set of his film Live By Night on Tuesday.

The 43-year-old leading man’s extensive body art was of a colourful phoenix – a mythological bird symbolizing rebirth and rising from the ashes.

The ink is real – according to Us Weekly – who quoted a source as saying: ‘He got it done at home recently. Jen knows about it but feels like it’s not her problem.’

That’s one aggressive tattoo Ben. It not only covers his whole back but its colored too. That is some real dedication. But lets face it he has had a rough going through a public divorce after he got caught cheating with the nanny in the most cliche story ever. He was also filming Batman Vs. Superman at the same time. He’s a known gambler and boozer so maybe he got it out one night on a bender? And woke up like Ishmael in Kingpin. Even though its probably some breakdown of some sort like Britney in 07. britney-spears

How about a “source” close to Jennifer Garner saying ‘He got it done at home recently. Jen knows about it but feels like it’s not her problem.’ You can practically feel how much she fucking hates it and maybe thats why he got it done in the first place. Ben has said in an interview before that he got real tattoos of a barbed-wire and crucifix-laden on his arms for his role in  Reindeer Games.


‘They were right for the character. I play a convict and it’s pretty rare to get through a prison sentence without coming away without at least one tattoo,’ He later said in another interview ‘I was young. It was fun and cool. I’m sorry now, but it is a good lesson in decisions that have important and long repercussions.’ Hmm, probably shouldn’t him that quote anytime soon or ever.



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