Gun rights groups to stage mock mass shooting near UT

(Statesman) Gun rights groups say they will conduct a mock mass shooting this weekend next to the University of Texas campus as part of a demonstration against gun-free zones.

The Open Carry Walk and Crisis Performance Event will involve actors “shot” by perpetrators armed with cardboard weapons, said Matthew Short, a spokesman for the gun rights groups Come and Take It Texas and

“It’s a fake mass shooting, and we’ll use fake blood,” Short said. He said gun noises will be blared from bullhorns. Other people will then play the role of rescuers, also armed with cardboard weapons.

The demonstration, set for noon Saturday, comes as a working group formed by UT President Gregory L. Fenves is drafting its recommendations on how to implement the new “campus carry” law that will go into effect for state universities in August. The law will allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry their handguns into dorms, classrooms and other public university buildings, though universities may draft some campus-specific rules that can include limited gun-free zones.

Asked if he was worried the demonstration, which will be preceded by a walk through Austin with loaded weapons, might appear in bad taste in the wake of the mass shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., and Paris, Short said, “Not at all. People were able to be murdered because no one was armed.”

UT history professor Joan Neuberger — who helps lead Gun Free UT, an organization supported by many faculty members and thousands of UT students that aims to keep guns out of the UT campus — said putting on a mock mass shooting is an act of intimidation.

If UT students thought finals were tough just imagine maneuvering through a mock mass shooting while on their way to see if they can graduate or not this semester. There is gonna be a bullhorn blaring gunshot sounds with fake blood to boot. Who is gonna clean that up? You can’t just leave it there because thats how you get ants  . But what does this act really accomplish?  Besides drawing attention to themselves and their agenda. Law enforcement do these exercises all the time and not in the middle of the day right next to a college campus with traffic all over the place.

This is just creating a hostile atmosphere and you know there may be that one yahoo that strolls by and doesn’t know whats going on and springs into action because it is Texas. Not to mention all the call the that will flood the police department as a result. Plus they are carrying real rounds but said they will not chamber them. But all it takes is one guy forgetting he had one in the chamber and someone ends up getting shot. But hey , FREEDOM!


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