Fat Russel Crowe is Back and I couldn’t be more excited

Fat Russell Crowe is back! Fat Russell Crowe is back! He is teaming with Ryan Gosling who hasn’t had a mainstream movie in a couple of years because he’s been busy with passion projects and directing. But what a marvelous choice he made with this one. I just hope the studio sent Russell over to his house to convince him on why he should join the cast. I can see it now, Russell shows up to Gosling’s modest yet tastefully exquisite Spanish Bungalow up in the Hollywood Hills bringing with him all of his favorites from Panera Bread and few servings of cheddar bay biscuits he picked up on the way. Telling him it will be part LA Confidential part Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with a helping of  Lethal Weapon violence and he just couldn’t resist.

If you haven’t seen the very under seen  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, please do its one of my favorite films and it takes place during Christmas so its sure to get you in the festive mood. Plus Shane Black who made it also made the Nice Guys (trailer above),  and Lethal Weapon so you can expect all the same wit , charm, and violence rolled up into one delicious cheddar bay biscuit.


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