Watch the Batman V Superman trailer so you don’t have to waste time watching the movie


Only if this were a short film instead of a trailer for a full length feature, it would have been one of the more entertaining, action packed shorts ever but now it just saps all the fun out the movie. You go into it thinking it will  be a Batman Vs. Superman slugfest but instead they become buddies and team up to beat a big bad that Luthor created. They could have played that and some more of the plot points a little closer to the vest so you actually wouldn’t see all the beats of the film. So when people do see it , the story will no longer unfold to them like it would normally with surprise, shock , awe and the other feelings you experience when watching. Stop making trailers like this Hollywood, I don’t want to see the whole movie before I pay for a ticket. What happened to showing random out of context scenes with a little music that did just enough to entice you to go see it in theaters . And I’m also over city destruction in literally every Marvel, DC film. I know it may sound strange to them but there can be other things at stake besides total destruction.

What happened to Zach Snyder? He came out of the gates swinging with the Dawn of the Dead remake followed by 300. Then came the forgettable Wacthmen, utter disappointment Sucker Punch. The Sucker Punch trailer is so good too, its a shame the script couldn’t match the visuals.  I thought Superman was dull and dozed off a couple times and this guy is still getting these big budget films with more coming down the pipeline. I hope he can recapture that magic he had from DOTD and 300 sometime soon but I’m just not seeing it with this preview.



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