Steve Sarkisian sues USC for 30 Million for firing him because he’s always drunk

 (TMZ SportsSteve Sarkisian has sued USC — claiming they did him dirty by firing him as the head coach of the football team instead of getting him help for his alcoholism — and he wants more than $30 MILLION … TMZ Sports has learned.

TMZ Sports has obtained the suit … in which Sarkisian reveals he came to grips with the fact he suffered from alcoholism in October 2015 … after a widely reported meltdown on campus.

Yet, according to the suit … SC “kicked him to the curb” when he needed its help the most.

Loewinsohn says Sark wants more than $30 mil to make things right.

He claims USC has refused to pay the remainder of the contract he signed — at least $12.6 MILLION — plus, he wants compensation for the mental anguish he suffered as a result of being fired.

Love the line in the suit said “SC kicked him to the curb” when need them most. The irony! You know who needed you most Steve? The kids out there   on the field putting their all into the game while risking injury. The same kids you made promises to, they needed your help. So he wants 30 mil with only 12 on left on his contract, bold strategy to say the least Cotton. even after he got a  pass for being tanked at a booster event right before the season to add to all the booze stories you heard about him before. I get why he’s asking for it because he won’t be sniffing a Head job at any big school no time soon.

USC did try to help you Steve but you didn’t want to help yourself and now here we are. Drunks are the worst with all their “woe is me” “someone else’s fault” yadda yadda. Get out of my face with that.  You don’t see me suing the Rockets for mental anguish because their best player rather spend his time sniffing Khloe Kardashian’s butt rather than spacing out every single game on defense/effort plays. Clean it up SC.  Hey whats Lane Kiffin up to these days ? Oh yea , he’s in the college football playoff.



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