Why are people still waiting overnight and going to stores on Black Friday?

Why do so many people feel the need to stand in lines or sleep overnight outside of the store to get deals?  Have these people never heard of online shopping, I guess not. Its the best see you just click and order and its get sent right to your door! You don’t have to wait in line and get trampled , get sick, robbed or maybe not get the deal you wanted because some guy has that crazy look in his eye that he will suplex you for the last  50″ flat screen. Its not worth it, I ordered a couple things from Target while I was still in my pj’s and they even made their Black Friday deals available online the day before.

The only drawback maybe is that you don’t get to touch and feel what you want to buy when you shop online. But if you go out a couple days before and go window shopping so you can get to see the things in person, then just sit back and order.


Look at that madness, why would you put yourself through that? You need to have an offseason training regime to give yourself a fighting chance of making it through that. So I’ll leave the smelly , angry mob to themselves while I’m at home ordering more goodies in 5 min than they will ever dream of getting in one day in that hell.


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