Walking Dead WTF

Obv Spoilers about last night’s show.  Well that turned out worse than I imagined it being.  Now the show was already in no win situation when they decided to put Glenn in that situation when he fell off the car completely surrounded by walkers. Because either they kill him or he somehow escapes from whopping odds to confirm that there are no stakes for the original characters left. But thats not even the worst thing about all of this, the worst thing is they waited four fucking episodes to confirm what happened to Glenn. I get how the storytelling has gone this season and i enjoy the time shifts and vacuum episodes but you can’t leave the audience on a cliffhanger like that then just be ” jk, he made it out of these seemingly unsurmountable odds…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”.

I have said it before but a you can’t have a show like this without stakes, removing them like they did just squeezes all the juice out and theres nothing left. If there are no consequences the show has no point. Add to that they removed Glenn’s name from the credits which now I can see that they were just jerking the audience around.  Now it just feels like the same every season except they just change the setting. First they hit the farm then the prison and now Alexandria is the next to fall. Some of that might have to do with the constant change of show runners but by now I expect much more from this season given how strongly it started. So hopefully next week they have something pretty grand planned for the mid season finale, which it looks like it will be or I fear I’m going to start hate watching this show again. I’m not sure I have come across a show that I hated then loved then hated and loved all over again more than the TWD. When the TWD wants it can put out some of the best hours of entertainment around so I guess when they drop the ball as they did now it can be so frustrating to watch. You know what they are capable of and I wish we could see that every episode.



Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.12.46 PM

How about this fucking guy?  Just let him drop like he wanted to do, this guy is such a pain. At least his death wouldn’t have been in vain and Rick had his chance to disperse the hoarde some if he took that chance. Which turns out might have been more than helpful seeing how the wall got crushed at the end. There are no room for weak /foolish people in this world they will only drag you down.




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