Derek Jeter addresses the gift bag rumors

(FoxSports)There have been thousands of rumors about Derek Jeter’s off-the-field life since he broke into the majors in 1995.

The former New York Yankee shortstop does not normally address any of the stories, but that was not the case on Wednesday’s debut episode of “Undeniable with Joe Buck,” on DirecTV’s Audience Network.

Jeter offered a strong denial to the 2011 New York Post item that he sent ladies off with a courtesy gift basket after a one-night stand.

“On top of it, it was a gift basket of my own memorabilia,” he said incredulously. “So, it’s a dumb story. And you really have to be dumber to believe it. But they [the public] believe it.”

Well what do you expect him to say Joe? He very well can’t go on tv and admit “Yeah, I slay tons of chicks and send them off with my memorobilia”. He’s been one of the top stickmen for so long and you still barely heard anything personal about his private life. So not like he’s going to start spilling the beans on the heels of getting engaged to the sublime Hannah Davis….yeah jeets.


But on the other hand you keep the mystery going even though I firmly believe its true. Such a classy move from a guy like Jeter, but we should expect nothing less from the Captain. Sad to see Jeter hang em up in more ways than one, but in honor of it lets celebrate his top 5 former flames in no order except for number 1.

5.Scarlett Johansson


4. Jessica Biel



3. Minka Kelly


2. Adrianna Lima



  1. Jessica Alba




Yeah Jeets…yeahhh


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