Rockets fire McHale

(Yahoo Sports) After struggling to a 4-7 start to the season, the Houston Rockets parted ways with coach Kevin McHale on Wednesday morning, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

McHale delivered the Rockets to the Western Conference Finals a year ago, but four straight blowout losses and a roster struggling to respond with effort pushed the organization to make a move to salvage what had been expected to be a season of championship contention.

McHale signed a three-year contract extension a year ago and is owed approximately $12 million. He went 193-130 in four-plus seasons with the Rockets and is the winningest coach, by percentage, in franchise history.


Well I guess we know now what went on in the players only meeting and that was Mchale has got to go. Its just not the lost games that got Kevy Mack fired but its the way those losses looked. With disinterested players and lackadaisical at best defense by their franchise player. There are high expectations for this year for them so something had to happen after the players have tuned out Mchale. You can’t just trade/cut the players so the coach got the blame as they tend to do. Cause ya know its the coaches fault with 99% of the same team that went to the Conference finals 6 months ago not playing hard now.

Now if the players can tune out a coach with the Mchale’s pedigree having been a 3x champion with the Celtics. So it seems like the inmates running the asylum situation which is not good going forward. It will be interesting to see the team’s defensive effort in these next few games. Harden also quit on McHale against the Clips in the playoffs last year when the Rockets made their exciting comeback with Harden on the bench. So he got what he wanted now we will see what kind of player he is, one that cares about ppg/celebrity or one that will show leadership paired with a championship drive.

Moving forward JB Bickerstaff who the players supposedly like will be taking over in the short term who many around league see him as rising star in coaching. More longterm candidates could be Jeff Van Gundy ,Tom Thibodeau , and Scott Brooks who coached Harden in OKC.


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