Paralympics may clamp down on ‘scrotum-crushing’

(MashableParalympic athletes with spinal cord injuries sometimes apply tremendous pressure to their scrotums or deny themselves the pleasure of urination in hopes of gaining a competitive advantage.

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) officials said Tuesday that ahead of the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, they plan to review their guidelines against “boosting,” Reuters reports. “Boosting,” essentially abusing one’s scrotum or bladder in hopes of gaining a competitive edge, has long been banned.

Boosting is used by some athletes with disabilities to juice their performances without taking any banned substances. It’s designed to trigger a condition called autonomic dysreflexia, which can cause the body to involuntarily increase its blood pressure and adrenaline.

If you’re cheating you’re not trying and that goes double on the Olympic level where country bragging rights and respect are at stake. How can they declare boosting aka squishing your twig and berries beyond recognition illegal? That just sounds like going the extra mile err miles to win gold and that should be commended. What did Raylan Givens say in the cinema masterpiece ‘Girl Next Door’ “Is the juice worth the squeeze?” In these guy’s case, yes..yes it is worth the squeeze.


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