Rockets hold player only meeting


The Houston Rockets held a players-only meeting on Tuesday as they continue their early season struggles.

“It was a good talk,” said James Harden. “We hadn’t communicated like that since season’s been going. Now, it’s about carrying over.”

The Rockets have lost four straight games, including a 106-98 result to the previously winless Brooklyn Nets.

Ty Lawson characterized the meeting as productive.

Well this isn’t good, the only other team to have reported holding a team only meeting this year is the Sacramento Kings. And you don’t want the team you follow to be associated in any way with that franchise unless you are trying to get Demarcus Cousins out of there under the cover of night. The Rockets have not looked like a cohesive unit this year, Ty Lawson seems to somehow not have a role all the while Harden has been somewhat abysmal. He hasn’t been getting to the rim nearly as much as last year and thats where he gets a lot of his easy points but now he has settled for more threes without hitting as many. He has gone to  his jumper off the dribble much more this season instead of catch and shoot scenarios which I predicted would happen with Lawson on the roster. And now the defensive effort has gone off of a cliff. Defense is all about effort and the guys do not have the same fire they had last year. McHale has it cut out for him. So ,how do they fix it?

First thing…. Harden needs to break up with Khloe and rid himself of that Kardashian Succubus. Then acknowledge to Lil B that he is using his cooking dance so he can lift the curse on. And finally show some fire on D,let Lawson handle more of the ball in the 4th.




How about you mix in a pedicure or some basic maintenance on those dogs every now and then. Those things are definitely barking like Kevin at Jim and Pam’s wedding  

And I just thought this is funny.




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