Texans should have stuck with Hoyer, head coach says.

CINCINNATI — Houston coach Bill O’Brien told his team that he mishandled the Texans’ quarterback situation, sources told ESPN.

During a bye week team meeting, O’Brien said he made a mistake in benching quarterback Brian Hoyer for Ryan Mallett after the Texans’ Week 1 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Houston Chronicle first reported O’Brien’s comments.

What week is it out now? Oh yeah its Week 9. At first I thought the Texans made a good hire with good ol Buttchin . His pedigree couldn’t have been any higher from being an OC with the Pats to taking the Penn St job at a very difficult time. The guy had some chops but his team just looks god awful this year and that has lot to do with the QB position. Before becoming the OC on the Patriots, he was the QB coach to the one and only Tawm Brady. So you would think he knows what to look for in a qb and what it takes to be successful. But this statement right here isn’t that. You don’t hear this from the top coaches out there.

Now what I’m thinking is that his seat along with GM Rick Smith are heating up there may be some shade flying around. And it was reported recently that Maryland was eyeing him as their new HC and their was mutual interest. Maryland also has the backing of the Under Armor CEO who says he wants to revitalize their team with new facilities to compete with the big dogs.  Being that he was already a coach there just adds more smoke to that report. Now i’m not saying he wants to get fired and go to Maryland but thats exactly what I’m saying.


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