Billionaire lands his helicopter on soccer field canceling 13 yr old’s soccer game


Under 13s teams due to play on Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School fields
But the game had to be called off when a helicopter landed on the pitch
Aircraft had arrived to pick up New Jersey Devils owner Josh Harris
Billionaire apologized to young players and invited them to a Devils game

Love everything about this power move except for ruining the kid’s soccer game. If he did this at some joe schmoe’s rec league game no one would muster a peep let alone get the same kind of headlines. But hey when you’re billionaire whats the point of having all that power and not being able to flex it every now and then. Listen we all know how traffic is the absolute worst so if you had the choice to take your chopper , just land it anywhere and be out how could you say no that? You can’t!

Good on him for offering them Devil’s tickets because I know he would have to pay them to take Sixers’ tickets


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