Something must be done about Andy Dalton


Andy, come on on man. See this is thing about gingers you give them an inch and they take a mile, its a tale as old as time. The Bengals are 8-0 so Dalton is really feeling himself and you can’t blame him. One of the hottest teams in the NFL versus previous seasons when they are usually a little over .500 and end up losing in the wild card game. Listen I get it, Carrot Top did the same thing when he got jacked. He just wanted to strut that ass all over town letting everyone know.  I’m happy you got a new haircut but maybe pump the brakes a little bit before going all zoomed in blue steel on a magazine cover. This is like when you have a friend, they say a few funny jokes and you tell them “Hey, you’re pretty funny”. Then they go out and try to be a stand-up comic and fail miserably. Andy the season is going great, just take a step back for a sec.

People don’t forget




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