My Top Five 30min Shows of the Past Year

Today the most popular/ talked about/ tweeted about shows today are usually one hour dramas like Game of Thrones, True Detective, Mad Men, Walking Dead to name a few. So dark and gritty is a major theme for these shows. But sometimes you want something light and fun that will make your tits jiggle with laughter. Nowadays with there being so much good content out there its really hard to keep up with and you don’t want to invest your time to something that might be a stinker.   So without further ado lets fire it up. The list is in no particular order and only new shows in their first 2 seasons are mentioned.

  1. Big Time in Hollywood Florida – About two late 20 somethings brothers who get kicked out of their house by their parents and are forced to fend for themselves. So they decide to write,star, produce a feature film and their wild journey starts there. With some really wonderful cameos and Cuba Gooding Jr’s best work in years (knew you still had it Cubes ). The show is a mixture dark comedy, slapstick and satire all rolled into one and I love it. Also it has some of the best cold opens I have seen in a long time. There is only 10 episodes so you can knock this out really quick, it airs on Comedy Central and you can watch them on their site for free.

2.  Broad City– Follows two girls in their 20’s living and working in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.  The two      main characters are Illana and Abbi. The latter who is a free-spirited, sexually liberated stoner (Yes please, i’ll take two) who gets into everything and drags Abbi along for the ride. Abbi is a more grounded person who wants a successful professional life followed by a wild personal life. There are great cameos in this too, along with having Hannibal Burress as a regular cast member.

3. Silicon Valley– Follows six young guys who found a start up company in their landlord’s “incubator” aka their house like so many great companies before them.Its a relevant, often hilarious take on contemporary technology and the geeks who create it and you don’t need to be tech savvy to enjoy this show despite the premise. The show comes from creator Mike Judge who of course is responsible for King of The Hill, Beavis & Butt-Head and the classic Office Space. So if you’re a fan of any of those you will really enjoy this one.

4. High Maintenance– This one is a little different from the others being that it is a web series and they only last between 5-12 minutes each. It follows ‘Guy’ a marijuana delivery man as he delivers his goods to clients across the city. Each episode follows a new character so you don’t need to watch them order. With having the show online it will feel different than the shows you are used to because they are able to take chances , twists and the storytelling is a very rich one you wouldn’t normally see in a traditional sitcom. The show has done so well that is has recently gotten picked up HBO. Being set in one of the most diverse cities in the world it really gives you an intimate look at a huge cross section of people and the going ons that you wouldn’t normally see in public.

5. You’re The Worst– Lastly but certainly not least there is You’re Worst. Which is focused on Jimmy, a writer who has had mild success and Gretchen, a self-sabotaging PR exec who attempt a relationship. The supporting characters are Jimmy’s roommate/best friend Edgar, a war vet suffering from PTSD and Lindsay, Gretchen’s best friend who gave up her lively and rambunctious lifestyle to marry a plain low-key guy who is well off. Then there is Becca (Gretchen’s sister and Jimmy’s ex) and Vernon the married couple friends of the others. With the clever writing and character development not often seen in half hour sitcom this show stands above the others in depicting relationships more truthfully, along with some really edgy humor. I can’t say this enough but Vernon is an absolute savage and steals every scene he is in.



I have just recently started Aziz Ansari’s Master of No One and from the few I have seen I would add it to the list.


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