The Walking Dead Season 6 so far…

Lets get into the new season of TWD, this won’t be an episode by episode recap because I’m not a fan of those. Its like zooming in on a painting painting and trying to judge it without being able to step back and see the whole thing and how it all fits together. So far we are four episodes in and thats enough to get a better picture of where the season may be going.

The season starts with Rick and co. putting in motion a elaborate plan to lure a huge horde of walkers away from Alexandria. The scale of something of this size hasn’t been seen ever on the show and it is really impressive b/c its one of two maybe 3 shows that are capable of that. I got the device of using the black and white but just wasn’t a fan of it. Of course there would be some hiccups with a plan of this scale especially with having to execute it when they are on a dry run of the plan. So as the herd reaches the end of line suddenly a loud horn goes off  and half of the walkers turn away head towards the sound. Which happens to be coming from Alexandria.

The second episode “JSS” opens with up a flashback of Enid in a short story form how she survived in the savage world up until she found herself at Alexandria. After her parents were killed by walkers Enid had to go it alone and showed how desensitized to violence she had become because of all things she had to make it. Like eating turtles and using its bones to spell out JSS which stands for just Survive Somehow. These flashbacks are great devices for adding depth to characters we might not have much time with and provides some background to her current actions.  Then the attack from the Wolves comes and the town must fight them off with Carol going full Assassin Creed and disposing of her share of Wolves. This shocks Morgan at how easily she can do this with his newfound beliefs. So this sets the table with the conflict that Morgan wants to save everyone and Rick wanting to kill all threats to the community.

In the third episode the group on the walker diversion mission splinter because of the horn back home. So that leaves Michonne and Glenn leading a group of Alexandrian’s back home. Before they depart Rick tells Glenn if one of them drags behind leave them and do not save them because it will put you in harm’s way. With that foreshadowing we know something must be coming, and that thing is ***SPOILER ALERT***  Glenn and Nicholas go to create a diversion to let the others get away but end up getting surrounded by walkers in an alley on top of a car. Nicholas being the coward he is shoots himself in the head leaving Glenn alone and almost instantly becomes swarmed by walkers having his guts ripped out. Glenn should have left him for dead long ago but instead he thought he could change him and now he’s gone. Or at least I hope, I don’t want a bait and switch with Glenn b/c then the show would have no stakes with the main characters. Having  a zombie show without stakes basically makes this show boring and stale. So for the townspeople sake i hope they saw how things really are and start listening to Rick or I feel that there stay in the town will not last very long.

With the fourth episode comes Morgan’s solo story about what happened to him after he left his family home and was a wandering killing machine before encountering Eastman, a lone survivor living in a cabin with his one set values that Morgan later adopts in the present time. But my problem with this episode is wtf happened to Glenn and co?! Hard to leave the audience on a cliffhanger only for the next week’s episode to be a standalone flashback to Morgan even though it was very well crafted piece of television. So the tl/dr read of the episode is that Eastman rehabilitates Morgan and makes him a person again before finally teaching him Aikido. Eastman dies a dumb death teaching Morgan , then the episode closes with Morgan making his way to Terminus. Then we see he was telling the story to one of the Wolves he captured and is keeping in a locked room in Alexandria hoping to change him. The wolf laughs in his face and Morgan leaves. This has to be one of his dumber decisions because the Wolves have proved time and time again they are not humans and I don’t see how this can end well for Morgan.

I used to have a love/hate relationship with the TWD but they have corrected that mostly, aside from the no update on Glenn this week. Which kind of diminishes his death for me. But ultimately I feel that last season was the best season yet and they are looking to reach new heights this season which is very much in their grasp if they continue on this trajectory.


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